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How is life as a Selenium Automation Tester with 2 years of experience?

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If someone has spent 2 years in software testing then their life must be great! You will love this tech as you learn more. It has way more exposure in every application. Nowadays business is asking for cost reduction and quick reports of testing. As you go further you will learn Appium, API automation and many things. It's a great learning experience. You will see how great you are contributing to the business.

Talking about money then yes, you will get enough of it. After 2.9 years I got 8 LPA. I have seen people earning 13–16 LPA in 5–7 years of automation experience as an individual contributor. For test architect and test, manager compensation is even more. To get it right you will have to follow this mantra: “keep learning”. If you want to get such type of job then do have a look at the following Selenium training course. You can also watch the following Selenium video tutorial to clear all your doubts regarding it.

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