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Could anyone suggest me the steps that I should take in order to become a cybersecurity professional in India?

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As we all know, India is no different from the job outlook of cybersecurity when compared to the global perspective. According to the Data Security Council of India, the cybersecurity services industry will grow from present $4.3 billion to $13.6 billion in 2025. Well, that’s huge growth in a developing country like India.

The pre-requisites of joining this domain is getting a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering as that will form a basic platform to build your skills in this domain. 

After completing Bachelor’s some might prefer to go for higher education like Masters in Cybersecurity, IT, information management, etc. Well after completing your bachelor you could start applying for Jobs. But if you have to move up or progress in your career, then you need to obtain industry recommended certifications like courses.

So it’s the perfect time for anyone to make a mark in this career, don’t forget to check out Cyber Security Certification or navigate through cyber security courses offered by Intellipaat.

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