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Could someone tell me how many times can you take the salesforce admin exam?

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There is no limit whatsoever on for taking the Salesforce Admin exam. Salesforce updates all the certification exams in accordance with three release cycles namely Winter, Spring, and Summer. So essentially you get many chances to retake the exam. and within each release cycle you could retake the exams thrice according to the Retake policy that states within a release cycle, as with every new release cycle, all the attempts are reset to zero:  

  1. If you fail in your 1st attempt, within a release cycle, then you need to wait for 24hrs for retaking.
  2. If you fail the 2nd time, within a release cycle, then you must wait 14 days to apply for a retake.
  3. And if in case you fail again and that means 3rd attempt, within a release cycle, then you must wait till the next release cycle for taking the exam again.

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