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Could someone suggest to me some of the best online course to learn AI?

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have brought a revolution in the tech industry in the past couple of years. With a robust statistical basis, both technologies have spreaded fabulous applications in industry and academia at the same point of time. Virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, e-commerce product recommendations, online fraud detection, personalised advertisements, and smart chatbots are vetted through strong Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It is getting prominent in terms of applications across all big sectors, there are plenty of courses to learn and practice these technologies.

If you search on Google regarding ‘platform to learn machine learning’ or ‘platform to learn artificial intelligence’, you will have multiple courses in the market available. Simplilearn will display relevant courses for these domains. Intellipaat, Great Learning and Edureka also have very good courses on these domains. However, the Diploma in Machine Learning and AI offered by upGrad has impacted professionals as it’s the only online http://M.Sc program on these technologies for working professionals. Let’s discuss the programs and make comparisons among its counterparts. 

Types of skills acquired

Wherever you take the course, surely you will learn the following stuff- Model Deployment, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Graphical Models, etc.


  • upGrad - This program is offered in collaboration withIIIT-Bangalore and Liverpool John Moores University. You will have the chance to connect with a global network of illustrious alumni and faculty, full access to the huge digital library, and also you can earn the same diploma as the on-campus one at 10% of the cost.

  • Intellipaat - They have collaborated with IBM to provide this course at its best.

  • SimpliLearn - It has collaborated with University Alumni Association membership and an IBM certification.

  • Great Learning - They have collaborated with University of Austin, Texas, and Great Lakes Institute.

  • Edureka - E & ICT Academy, NIT Warangal.

Course Content

You will find pretty much similar content for all courses available. UpGrad boasts more than 450 hours of video lectures, 35+ industry mentorship sessions, 12 case studies, 11 coding assignments, and 5+ hands-on capstone projects. The course content is really planned in a way to master these domains and crack any interview or exam. 

Course Duration

  • upGrad - 18 months. Self-paced but spending 15 hours a week is recommended.

  • Intellipaat - 198 hours, 1:1 doubt clearing session, flexible schedule

  • Simplilearn - 12 months at 5-10 hours per week.

  • Great Learning - 12 months

  • Edureka - 9 months

Exams and Assignments

You will have to appear for an entrance exam and to pass that if you want to enroll for the program, which ensures quality and exclusivity. Edureka also offers you a chance to win a scholarship up to INR 75000.

The assignments will help you to solid your concepts, your basics and give excellent conceptual clarity, which stands you in good stead for tackling the more significant, real-world problems. The end term exams are challenging and test your fundamentals to the core.

Other Highlights

You get a dedicated student mentor to guide you on the journey and solve doubts promptly.

For experienced professionals, upGrad also offers the PG Diploma Program in Machine Learning and AI.

Curated by leading industry experts, the course is affiliated with IIIT Bangalore, allowing you to get the valuable Alumni Status on course completion. The cutting-edge curriculum features practical, real-world projects like a Smart TV with hand gestures serving as a remote control, a restaurant search chatbot on Zomato, design an algorithmic feed, and recommend content for consumer social apps like Tiktok, and more.

Career Assistance

  • upGrad - You also get personalised mentorship sessions conducted fortnightly through dedicated technical industry guides, who answer every query, resolve every doubt, give an in-depth analysis of your assignments and projects, and advise you on your career trajectory. The course also provides Career Counseling through resume consultation and mock interviews. You get to participate in recruitment drives organised by top-tier data science companies. Quarterly hackathons help you stay sharp and get exposure to real-life problems at scale.

  • Intellipaat - You get a lifetime access to the courses. They provide you with the best job opportunities and you will have 1:1 sessions for doubt clearance. Practicing assignments and working on projects will ensure your excellent command on these domains.

  • Simplilearn JobAssist - This program is a collaboration with IIMJobs getting you a 6-month IIMJobs premium membership, resume assistance and career mentoring, interview prep, and participation in job fairs

  • Edureka and Great Learning also provide career counseling through resume building, mock interviews, exclusive recruitment drives, and more.

If you want to become an expert in Machine Learning, checkout this Machine Learning Certification Course offered by Intellipaat. 

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