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So first, I'm in a mission on AI's college group. I have a dataset with many faces in PGM P2(ASCII) format. Before starting Neural Network proccess, I need to extract the array of pixels from images, but I can't found a way to read these images in Python.

I've already tried PIL but it doesn't work with PGM P2.

Can I do this in Python? Any help would be much appreciated.

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There is no library that reads ASCII based PGM (P2) on Python.

So,here is the function in the below code that takes in the name of the file and returns a tuple with: 

(1) A 1xn numpy array with the data

(2) A tuple containing the length and width

(3) The number of shades of gray.

import numpy as np

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def readpgm(name):

    with open(name) as f:

        lines = f.readlines()

    # This ignores commented lines

    for l in list(lines):

        if l[0] == '#':


    # here,it makes sure it is ASCII format (P2)

    assert lines[0].strip() == 'P2' 

    # Converts data to a list of integers

    data = []

    for line in lines[1:]:

        data.extend([int(c) for c in line.split()])

    return (np.array(data[3:]),(data[1],data[0]),data[2])

data = readpgm('/location/of/file.pgm')

plt.imshow(np.reshape(data[0],data[1])) # Usage example

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