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I have three columns (First Name, Last Name and Phone Number) in my collection that I got from excel using "copy as collection" functionality of Excel VBO.

Please note that there is extra space at the end of First name and Phone number. I want to trim these spaces. Please suggest how to do that. Please also note that I have not defined the column names in my collection. I am directly copying it from excel so that if any changes done in excel then it reflects in the collection dynamically

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You can use object: utility collection manipulation.

You can use the action of trim collection or you can use the action of remove dot from header and change “.”o “ “ in the code.

Here is how:

For Each Column As DataColumn In Input_Collection.Columns Column.ColumnName=Microsoft.Visualbasic.Replace(Column.ColumnName," ","") Next Output_Collection = Input_Collection

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