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I am using Python 3.2.1 and I can't import the StringIO module. I use io.StringIO and it works, but I can't use it with numpy's genfromtxt like this:

x="1 3\n 4.5 8" numpy.genfromtxt(io.StringIO(x))

I get the following error:

TypeError: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitly

and when I write import StringIO it says  

ImportError: No module named 'StringIO'

2 Answers

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You should import stringIo as follows:-

from io import StringIO

Below is the code that can be used for fixing the error in Python 3 is as follows:


   from StringIO import StringIO

except ImportError:

   from io import StringIO

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If you are working on Python 3 numpy.genfromtxt expects a bytes stream. You can try using this:


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