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Installing Cassandra on Single Node


Cassandra is available for download from the Web at .


The simplest way to get started is to download the prebuilt binary. please refer to steps below for linux:

1.) Download Cassandra in any directory

mkdir -p /root/nosql
cd /root/nosql

#Please download latest version available


tar -xvzf apache-cassandra-1.2.16-bin.tar.gz

mv apache-cassandra-1.2.16 /root/nosql/cassandra.


2.) Next, make sure that the folders Cassandra accesses, such as the log folder, exists and that Cassandra has the right to write on it:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/cassandra
sudo mkdir /var/log/cassandra
sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP /var/lib/cassandra
sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP /var/log/Cassandra


3.) set Cassandra’s variables

vim ~/.bash_profile

#add following lines to .bash_profile

export CASSANDRA_HOME=/root/nosql/cassandra



4.) Running Cassandra

sudo sh /root/nosql/cassandra/bin/cassandra


5.) Crosscheck with Cassandra cli

sudo sh /root/nosql/cassandra/bin/cassandra-cli


You will see window like this:-



img 2

A detailed understanding of Apache Cassandra is available in this blog post for your perusal!

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