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6 Reasons Why Organizations Can’t do Without DevOps!

6 Reasons Why Organizations Can’t do Without DevOps!

DevOps is extremely important today thanks to the increased dependency of every business on software of every kind and due to the reason that business goals are getting more complex with each passing year. Due to this there is enormous pressure on IT companies to deliver the right software at the right time. Hence DevOps is extremely important to organizations regardless of their size.

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DevOps is indispensable to today’s organizations due to following reasons:

Ubiquity of software makes DevOps critical

Businesses today need software and they need it of the highest quality in the shortest possible time. Apart from that, most organizations have dynamic software requirements. Due to rapid digitization and the proliferation of Internet, today’s software requirements are anything but simple. Software is critical to the survival of every business organization regardless of the business vertical and customer segmentation. Gone are the days when software used to go through the waterfall methodology of development. Today it is all about agility and that is where the DevOps practices and principles gain prominence.

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DevOps makes requirement gathering easier

Getting the right requirement from the client is crucial before starting to develop the software. DevOps makes the entire process smooth and streamlined. It is about getting a clear understanding of what the client wants and for that the groundwork has to be done properly. It could be the issue of interviewing the functional heads in key areas related to application development, statement validation, showing the importance of automation tools for software development and deployment, sorting issues regarding the cultural perspective, security concerns and so on. Since DevOps is all about collaboration, transparency and accountability, it perfects helps in requirement gathering.


Software iteration and upgrade is faster

Today software is much more dynamic than it used to be even a decade ago. The client requirements are stringent and demanding. Due to this DevOps is the perfect solution when there are shorter development cycles, increased frequency of code into production and so on. The entire process that used to take something over three months through the waterfall methodology now can be done within hours helping software organizations gain a lot in the process. All this greatly benefits whenever there is a need for software iteration or upgrade all thanks to DevOps principles.

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Always keeping the client in the loop

One of the biggest advantages of the DevOps methodology is that the client can always be kept in the loop. Unlike the waterfall methodology when the software used to see the light of the day only on completion, DevOps ensures that the client can have a glimpse of the software in action in various stages. Along with that, if the client has any requirement alterations, additions, or deletions, it can all be taken into consideration thanks to DevOps being based on agile principles. Thus the client always has a say in the way the software is being designed and deployed.

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Increased accountability and transparency

DevOps takes the waterfall methodology and turns it upside down. DevOps is all about increasing the efficiencies of teams through increased collaboration, ensuring accountability exists during each step of the process and there is transparency all throughout. There is real-time visibility about what each person or team is doing in order to ensure everybody is on the same page. Once there is transparency then accountability is the next benefit to accrue. In organizations doing DevOps there is no more pointing fingers. It is about identifying and addressing issues in the most efficient manner so the process to software delivery is smooth and swift.
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Lower costs and improved efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of DevOps is the amount of cost reduction that it helps organizations to achieve. Since the conventional method of software development and deployment was full of inefficiencies and cost overruns, DevOps comes as a radical way of achieving more with less. If the various processes of the software development lifecycle are done the right way the first time around then it saves huge costs that it takes to visit the process for improvement the next time around. Also since there is constant feedback on the efficacy of a certain output, the efficiency of the software development and deployment is of the highest quality.

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