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Top Most Analytics Skills That are in Demand

Top Most Analytics Skills That are in Demand

In this fast-paced world, where technology is constantly being upgraded in order to handle large chunks of data that are being generated every now and then, ‘Analytics’, a cutting-edge technological tool plays a key role in handling enormous data judiciously. Analytics refers to the identification of valuable patterns in data. It is a tool that is being widely used by companies to meticulously manage a humongous amount of data, which thus helps in developing the business and elevating its standards. Analytics assists companies in analyzing the recorded data, which further plays a pivotal role in framing business policies, taking major decisions, and knowing the insights of the company’s operations. Besides this, it also aids organizations in recognizing the shortcomings or gaps in the company and taking appropriate steps to shoot up the revenue graph and reduce the costs incurred.

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With companies embracing this new technology, a huge demand has been generated for professionals who can work with upgraded technology. This has increased the competition level among job aspirants, urging them to opt for Analytics courses to enhance their skills. Some of the analytics courses that are in huge demand are:

Data Scientist Course: This popular course helps in developing a better understanding of how the online market works. Once a particular product is purchased on an online portal, the page presents the buyer with many recommendations about the other products bought by people and those who purchased a similar product to the one bought by the buyer. This places the end-user in a position where he or she can take thoughtful purchase-related decisions, presenting sellers with a lucrative opportunity to sell their products.

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Apache Spark Course- This course teaches people how to analyze tweets in real-time i.e. how to do data analysis on real-time data. Many startups are now striving to find out people’s sentiments for a particular brand from time to time. These sentiments tend to change constantly and social media plays a key role in the same. Spark’s in-memory primitives provide performance that is up to 100 times faster for certain applications. Spark allows user programs to load data into a cluster’s memory, and query it repeatedly hence, it is well suited for machine learning algorithms.

Tableau: This is an innovative business intelligence tool for enhanced visualization and data discovery. Gartner has recognized it as the leader in the Magic BI quadrant for 2014.

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Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence is the process of converting raw data into valuable information which can be analyzed to take important business decisions. BI as a certification course is being offered nowadays by many renowned institutes to keep job aspirants abreast with all kinds of technological advancements. Business Intelligence is counted as equivalent to subjects like Finance and Marketing.

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Professionals who develop their technical skills are able to survive in a dynamic environment where they are capable enough to tackle terabytes of data. Not just this, they have to work in sync with other sections of the company like logistics or customer service departments to come up with insightful analyses that help in the development of the company. Also, professionals have to make reports with the analyses that further help the company in taking major decisions.

Information technology is growing by leaps and bounds with path-breaking technologies that are being created every day, replacing the conventional methods of operations with contemporary ones. Hence, these new technologies have created more job opportunities for aspirants. Companies are demanding professionals who are adept at working with upgraded technology and possess the required analytical and creative skills. Technologies like Analytics and Business Intelligence have metamorphosed the business landscape of the country. Many renowned institutes are therefore now coming up with courses for the same to educate aspirants and empower them to make a successful career in the stream.

By taking up the aforementioned courses, aspirants can be assured of a promising career in today’s extremely competitive scenario. It not only provides them with greater growth prospects but also keeps their career open to umpteen avenues that can help them blossom to their full potential. High net worth salary, exciting work that presents new challenges from time to time and the huge demand for such professionals in the market make ‘Analytics’ an ideal career choice in the present scenario as well as in the years to come.

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