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Apache Hadoop - The new wave in data management
Updated on 22nd Mar, 23 3002 Views

With the world of online activity buzzing with millions of users across the world logging in every few seconds and copious amounts of data being exchanged every millisecond; database management has emerged as one of the biggest challenges for system administrators.

Traditional models of database management, though quite effective, are nowhere near capable enough for handling such volumes of data as in circulation today. This underlined the need for more efficient systems that could handle data volumes more competently and provide fail safes for the users and gave birth to Hadoop which stands for High-availability distributed object-oriented platform.

Watch this Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners video

Hadoop is basically a database management system that allows for the processing of large volumes of data at different nodes or clusters of systems distributing the processing and making use of the computing capabilities and storage space of the individual machines. The ability to detect and repair failures is inherently embedded in the software itself so that there is virtually no downtime as in the case of single server units.

Hadoop is making it big in data management circles these days with lots of social networking and search platforms now providing customized searches and user data trends analytics. This is probably one of the biggest areas of applications for such extensive software too, apart from many other applications like financial markets and online markets to name a few.

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With Hadoop such a big thing in the online community today, there are only a few who actually understand the system and can apply that knowledge skillfully for benefit. This makes the case for Hadoop online training very strong. There are very few places currently that can teach you to master Hadoop like Intellipaat. For those who are so inclined, Hadoop admin training in virtual classes comes as a relief. With the life of professionals busy as it is, there is nearly no time to spend on actual courses that require you to sit through classes and train in the software. So the scope for utilizing online Hadoop training increases manifold.

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There are scores of online courses providing Hadoop training certification wherein you would be required to attend virtual classrooms at a time and place of your convenience and as such there is a lot of flexibility you get. These Hadoop training classes offered have professionals who conduct online classes, explain the basics through Hadoop videos and give real time solutions to problems faced.

The best thing is that the entire training program is based on providing hands-on training with the help of practical examples and recognizable technologies so that whenever a problem or confusion arises, it can be remedied then and there.

With online Hadoop Tutorial, the biggest plus is that there are active helplines providing round-the-clock support and online chat rooms where you can discuss the course and the software with professionals mastered in the field. The only thing to be kept in mind is careful scrutiny as to which online Hadoop training course to join as there are a lot of options what with the technology being hot and heavy right now and the applicants can be lured to some of the wrong courses.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

So with Hadoop generating such massive interest and building huge prospects for the future of computing, it is the right time to join one of the online courses and cash in on the opportunity.

If you are looking forward to know more about Hadoop and Big Data, please visit our Hadoop Developer Page, or contact us if you want to enroll into our Online Hadoop Training Program.

Through Understanding the Basics of Big Data – Importance of Hadoop blog, try to understand everything about Hadoop.

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