Top 6 Business Analytics Project Ideas for Beginners [2023]

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Business Analytics Projects
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Business Analytics is a very promising field in the 21st century. Almost all big organizations rely heavily on Business Analytics to plan and make decisions. Since it is such a hit in the market, there are a lot of jobs available. To land those jobs, you must have a promising resume. One of the things that can help you enhance your resume in this field is mentioning the Business Analytics projects that you have done. Business Analytics projects not only will show your employer that you have the skills to find insights from data but also will demonstrate that you are industry-ready.

So, in this blog, we will discuss six Business Analytics project ideas and topics that can help you boost your resume:

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Forecasting the Sales of a Supermarket During Festival Season

Business Analytics Project on Sales Forecasting

A supermarket has various departments, and it must stock up items that will be in demand in each of these departments. However, while stocking up, it must make sure that it does not have excessive stock, which it will not be able to ship out. Hence, you should be able to predict the impact of a festival season on the department-wise sales of a supermarket.

First, you can use a dataset from Kaggle, and for executing the project, you will need to choose a given holiday, let’s say Christmas. Then, you will have to check if, during the time of Christmas, the store marks the highest numbers in sales and which departments need to stock up more items to meet the rising demand.

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Sales Conversion Optimization

Business Analytics Project on Sales Conversion Optimization

A company does a lot of marketing to get sales, and various kinds of campaigns are initiated to market products. Campaigns such as email blasting and social media marketing are among the most popular ways of marketing a product.

The aim of this project is to understand what the most effective ways are in terms of ROI (return on investment) and which campaign generates more leads and then suggest the ways of going about this marketing campaign in the most optimized manner based on a provided budget.

For this Business analytics project, you can use the following dataset to get information on a company’s marketing campaign data.

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Employee Attrition and Performance

Business Analytics Project on Employee Attrition

A company wants to understand what factors lead to employee attrition (i.e., it is trying to know when and why an employee decides to leave the company). By understanding these factors the company wants to change its business environment accordingly so that it can hold on to its best employees.

In this project, you will need to evaluate each factor and its relationship with attrition, for example, the distance from home to office, the job role impact on attrition, etc. For the dataset, you can click here and carry on with your evaluations.

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Predicting Sales in Tourism for the Next 4 Years

Business Analytics Project on Sales Prediction

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With the introduction of hashtags like ‘#wanderlust’, there has been an increasing amount of interest among people of different demographics to explore new places. However, this industry has very fluctuating numbers in terms of sales, and different places have different feelings according to the time of the year.

Hence, tourism forecasting has become an increasingly important task in planning, improving, and managing the industry. There is a lot of information and insights that are hidden in the data retrieved from the tourism industry. You can use techniques like data clustering to understand when and where tourists prefer to go, what they like at each location, the mode of transportation of tourists while travelling between spots, etc.

Using insights like the above, you need to forecast the sales for the upcoming 4 years. You can use this dataset for your evaluations and then compare them with the actual data.

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Career Transition

Predicting the Success of an Upcoming Movie

Business Analytics Project on Movie Success Prediction

The entertainment industry has been growing in every scope. Be it Netflix, Amazon, or Hotstar, there is a lot of content out there. Now, the challenge these streaming services face is what to buy, in the sense that which content will get them more viewers and also satisfy the existing customer base.

For this project, you need to predict the success of an upcoming movie so that whether or not a company should go for buying it based on ROI. To do this, you need to come up with a model and use the historical data of each element involved, such as the actors, the director of the movie, the production company, the genre of the movie, etc.

The main idea of doing this Business Analytics project is to predict the market for the upcoming media content based on some preset parameters as this is one of the most unpredictable industries: Big stars might not always shine, while the newcomers might actually do a great job! You will need to keep all of that in mind.

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Customer Segmentation

Business Analytics Project on Customer Segmentation

An e-commerce company has a variety of customers. Every customer has a different set of tastes and interests and may belong to different financial levels. Therefore, it is a heavy challenge for the marketing and strategy team to decide what products it should be promoting or what kind of campaigns will lead to the most lucrative results.

Spending score is one such metric through which you can segregate customers. Spending score is not just determined by the financial situation, but it is also based on other factors such as customer behavior, the kind of products a customer buys, etc.

In this project, your marketing team basically wants you to identify the customers who will most easily converge and buy products. In doing so, you must show the different segments in percentage and also predict the kind of products and marketing campaigns that will be the most successful with your customers.

In this one of the best projects on Business Analytics, you can use this e-commerce dataset and mall customer dataset.

If Business Analytics is something that excites you, then you must consider a career in the field as there are always new challenges in it, and the demand is never-ending. You can enrol in our Business Analyst Course to become an expert Business Analyst. Keep reading our blogs to build more Business Analytics project examples.

Happy learning!

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