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Top High-Paying Career Options After MBA in 2024

Top High-Paying Career Options After MBA in 2024

Let us dive into the top-paid jobs after pursuing an MBA. This blog considered all the key points, from what an MBA is to the salary for different MBA specializations in India.

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What is an MBA and Why to Opt for it?

MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on advanced business and management knowledge and skills. Topics like finance, marketing, leadership, and strategy are included in the program. The MBA program helps students comprehend business fundamentals and develop their leadership skills.

Why choose an MBA? Why get an MBA degree? The mind of the CAT aspirant is covered up with such questions. 

Choosing an MBA is a wise decision for several reasons. It offers career advancement opportunities, enhances skills across various business domains, provides valuable contacts, and fosters entrepreneurial aspirations. The program also helps you improve problem-solving skills by developing critical thinking. In addition, it offers a global perspective, increases earning potential, and bolsters job security in uncertain economic climates.

What can be the Career Plans After an MBA in India?

We have mentioned below the different types of jobs to get into after an MBA degree in 2023, fieldwise. 

Career Options After MBA in Marketing

After obtaining an MBA in marketing, students have a wide range of career opportunities along with competitive salary prospects. The demand for professionals with an MBA in marketing is currently on the rise in various industries; they can pursue job opportunities in advertising agencies, marketing firms, and various industries, including technology, finance, and consumer goods.

Some of the top companies hiring MBA marketing professionals include Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Bain & Company, IndusInd Bank, India Infoline, JP Morgan, McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Citigroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and Walt Disney, among others.

Let us look at some of the top positions and the salaries they offer:

  • Brand Managers: They ensure the reputation of the brand. Brand managers work closely with ad agencies, product teams, and sales to enhance brand visibility.
    Average salary: INR 8–10 LPA
  • Product Managers: They oversee the creation and marketing of specific products. They set prices and ensure the products are user-centric.
    Average Salary: INR 12–15 LPA
  • Marketing Managers: They are the captains of marketing campaigns. They plan and execute the campaigns, analyze market trends, and make strategies to acquire customers. May require an MBA in digital marketing.
    Average Salary: INR 11–15 LPA
  • Digital Marketing Managers: They are the experts of online marketing. They use social media, SEO, PPC, and email marketing to help the company grow.
    Average Salary: INR 15–20 LPA
  • Market Research Analysts: They gather and analyze data to help companies understand the requirements of customers, market trends, and research marketing strategies.
    Average Salary: INR 12–15 LPA

Career Options After MBA in Finance

After completing an MBA in finance, students have a wide range of career options in the finance industry and other sectors that require financial expertise.

Companies across various sectors actively seek professionals with an MBA in finance for roles in investment banking (e.g., J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs), corporate finance (e.g., Apple, Microsoft), consulting (e.g., McKinsey & Company), accounting (e.g., PwC, EY), FinTech (e.g., Square, Stripe), the public sector (e.g., IMF, World Bank), and insurance (e.g., AIG, Allianz). 

Some of the top jobs after an MBA in finance include:

  • Financial Analyst: Financial analysts assess financial data and trends to provide insights. They also provide recommendations for investment decisions, budgeting, and financial planning. They work in banking, corporate finance, and investment management fields.
    Average Salary: INR 8–10 LPA
  • Investment Banker: They help companies raise capital by issuing stocks and bonds, provide merger and acquisition advisory services, and facilitate large financial transactions.
    Average Salary: INR 12–18 LPA
  • Corporate Finance Manager: They manage a company’s finances, including budgeting, forecasting, and strategic financial planning. They may also be involved in optimizing the capital structure and managing cash flow.
    Average Salary: INR 12–15 LPA
  • Portfolio Manager: They oversee investment portfolios for individuals, institutions, or mutual funds. They make investment decisions to achieve clients’ financial goals while managing risk.
    Average Salary: INR 12–18 LPA
  • Risk Manager: They identify and mitigate financial risks within organizations, including credit risk, market risk, and operational risk. They play a crucial role in safeguarding a company’s financial stability.
    Average Salary: INR 14–20 LPA

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Career Options After MBA in Operations

A wide range of prominent recruiters, including Tech Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Amazon, and global giants like Bank of America and Shell, actively seek professionals skilled in operations management. Additionally, numerous other sectors such as insurance, consulting, finance, and logistics offer ample opportunities for MBA graduates specializing in operations.

Below are the top jobs available after an MBA in operations management:

  • Supply Chain Manager: Responsible for optimizing the end-to-end supply chain, ensuring efficient production, inventory management, and timely deliveries.
    Average Salary: INR 8-15 LPA
  • Operations Manager: Overseeing the day-to-day operations of a business or department, focusing on process improvement and cost efficiency
    Average Salary: INR 6–12 LPA
  • Logistics Manager: Managing the movement and distribution of goods, coordinating transportation, warehousing, and inventory management
    Average Salary: INR 7-15 LPA
  • Quality Control Manager: Ensuring product or service quality by implementing quality control processes and continuous improvement initiatives
    Average Salary: INR 8–12 LPA
  • Production Manager: Supervising manufacturing processes and ensuring production goals are met while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness
    Average Salary: INR 10–15 LPA

Career Options After MBA in HR

MBA in human resources graduates can find well-paying jobs in different sectors like government, private companies, banks, schools, multinational firms, research, and consulting. Their salary depends on factors like their qualifications, where they work, the company’s success, and how much experience they have. 

In the government sector, there are opportunities for MBA graduates in HR at places like the Ministry of Human Resource Development, SBI, Bharat Electronics Limited, and the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.

There are a number of top companies hiring MBA HR graduates. These include Wipro, TCS, Reliance, Randstad India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, etc. Companies like Unilever, Amazon, Deloitte, Hudson Global Inc., Cognizant, Capgemini, and Accenture are highly desirable places to work for many. HR graduates can aim for roles such as labor relations manager, human resources manager, recruitment coordinator, and more in these multinational firms.

Following are the top career opportunities after MBA in HR that one can grab are:

  • Human Resources Manager: They oversee various HR functions, including hiring, employee relations, and policy implementation, ensuring a harmonious workplace environment.
    Average Salary: INR 6-12 LPA
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist/Recruiter: These professionals identify, recruit, and hire top talent for the company, playing a crucial role in shaping the organization’s workforce.
    Average Salary: INR 8-15 LPA
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager: They meticulously manage employee compensation and benefits programs, aligning them with industry standards to attract and retain top talent.
    Average Salary: INR 6-10 LPA
  • Organizational Development Consultant: These consultants improve an organization’s efficiency through strategies like training, leadership development, and change management, fostering growth and adaptability.
    Average Salary: INR 8-12 LPA
  • Employee Relations Specialist: They maintain positive employee-employer relationships, handle disputes, ensure compliance with labor laws and policies, and promote a healthy workplace culture.
    Average Salary: INR 6-10 LPA

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Career Options After MBA in International Business

There are many career opportunities for MBA international business graduates in India and abroad. This specialization prepares students to become effective leaders in the global economy.

Top companies include multinational corporations like Amazon, Google, and Apple; consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company and BCG; financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs; logistics companies like FedEx and DHL; e-commerce giants like Alibaba; and pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Let us look at some of the top job roles available in MBA International Business:

  • International Business Manager/Director: This job involves leading a company’s global activities, planning, and managing teams from different countries.
    Average Salary: INR 15–35 LPA
  • Global Marketing Manager: As a global marketing manager, you will create and execute advertising campaigns according to various countries.
    Average Salary: INR 12-25 LPA
  • Supply Chain Manager: This profession is responsible for ensuring that items or services are efficiently transported from one location to another around the world while keeping prices low and adhering to all international standards.
    Average Salary: INR 8-15 LPA
  • International Financial Analysts: They analyze worldwide money trends, foreign exchange rates, and investment opportunities in different countries to help businesses make smart financial decisions.
    Average Salary: INR 15–20 LPA
  • International Trade Specialist/Consultant: These specialists or consultants help companies understand and follow the rules and processes for doing business across borders. They also identify opportunities to grow internationally.
    Average Salary: INR 12–20 LPA

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Career Options After MBA in Travel and Tourism

After completing an MBA in Travel and Tourism, graduates have a broad range of career options in both the travel and tourism industries and related fields. This MBA degree equips you with valuable skills in management, marketing, finance, and strategy, which can be applied in various roles within this industry.

MBA in Travel and Tourism graduates have opportunities with top companies, including Marriott, Hilton, Delta, Expedia, and UNWTO, for roles in hotel management, airline operations, travel agency marketing, government tourism, and consulting. 

Here are some of the top job roles available in MBA travel and tourism:

  • Tourism Manager/Director: You can work for tourism boards, government agencies, or private firms in roles where you oversee the planning and promotion of tourist destinations, manage day-to-day operations, and ensure customer satisfaction.
    Average Salary: INR 6-15 LPA
  • Hotel Manager: This role involves managing various aspects of a hotel, including guest services, operations, marketing, and financial management.
    Average Salary: INR 8-10 LPA
  • Event Manager: Event management companies often seek professionals with strong managerial skills to plan and execute events, conferences, and exhibitions within the tourism sector.
    Average Salary: INR 5-8 LPA
  • Travel Agency Manager: You can lead the operations of a travel agency, which includes sales, marketing, and customer service. Specializations may include corporate or leisure travel.
    Average Salary: INR 6-10 LPA
  • Tour Operator: Work with tour operators to create and sell travel packages. Responsibilities typically include designing itineraries, coordinating logistics, and ensuring customer contentment.
    Average Salary: INR 6-10 LPA

Career Options After MBA in IT and Systems

This specialization enables graduates to excel in dealing with administrative challenges and technology issues. It provides managerial as well as technical knowledge.

MBA graduates specializing in Systems Management have excellent job opportunities with top recruiters like HCL Technologies, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Accenture, CGI, and many other leading companies. 

They can explore careers in various sectors, including IT companies, e-commerce firms, consulting firms, government organizations, banks, trading firms, as well as colleges and universities. This specialization opens doors to a wide range of employment opportunities in the field of information systems and technology.

Some of the top job roles available after an MBA in IT and Systems management along with their average salary are:

  • IT Manager: Responsible for overseeing an organization’s IT infrastructure, managing technology projects, and ensuring efficient use of IT resources.
    Average Salary: INR 15- 25 LPA
  • Systems Analyst: Analyzes an organization’s existing systems and processes to recommend improvements and implement new technology solutions.
    Average Salary: INR 10- 16 LPA
  • Business Analyst: Works to bridge the gap between business and IT requirements. They also identify opportunities for technology-driven improvements.
    Average Salary: INR 12- 20 LPA
  • Project Manager (IT Projects): Leads and coordinates IT projects from initiation to completion, ensuring they meet business goals and stay on schedule.
    Average Salary: INR 15- 20 LPA
  • Information Security Manager: Focuses on protecting an organization’s data and information systems from cyber threats, implementing security measures, and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
    Average Salary: INR 10- 18 LPA

Career Options After MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

An MBA in logistics and supply chain management is a 2-year advanced program. It helps you oversee the movement of products from one location to another.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and popular brands such as Coca-Cola and Nestle hire folks with an MBA in logistics and supply chain management. Even the Army and Navy look for people with this degree, and big tech companies like Apple and Google might want you too. They all want people who can handle moving things around efficiently.

Top job roles after MBA in  Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

  • Supply Chain Manager: As a supply chain manager, you’ll oversee the entire supply chain process, ensuring products are sourced, produced, and delivered efficiently.
    Average Salary: INR 10–15 LPA
  • Logistics Manager: Logistics managers focus on the transportation and distribution of goods. They coordinate the movement of products from suppliers to customers, optimizing routes and minimizing costs. 
    Average Salary: INR 15–20 LPA
  • Procurement Manager: Procurement managers are responsible for sourcing materials and negotiating contracts with suppliers to ensure a steady supply of goods at the best possible prices. 
    Average Salary: INR 10-18 LPA
  • Operations Manager: They oversee day-to-day operations within an organization, ensuring efficient supply chain processes.
    Average Salary: INR 12–15 LPA
  • Inventory Manager: Inventory managers are in charge of managing stock levels, ensuring that products are available when needed while minimizing excess inventory to control costs.
    Average Salary: INR 8–12 LPA

How to Get a Job After an MBA

Curious to know how to get a job after an MBA? We have got you covered!

  • Self Evaluation:
    Your career path is in your hands, and shaping it according to your passion requires self-evaluation of your skills. Identifying your direction is crucial for a successful post-MBA career. Once you have clarity, don’t hesitate to promote your skills confidently. Effective communication plays a significant role in impressing interviewers and potential employers, especially in fields like HR or retail management.
  • Standing out:
    Having an MBA is more than just having a degree. You will learn important skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. However, to get hired for your job, you need to know how to use these skills effectively. It’s a lifelong process of improving your abilities, especially in fields like IT and luxury brand management, where staying updated is essential.
  • Networking:
    Establishing a strong professional network is crucial for finding good job opportunities. Many educational institutions offer chances to connect with companies and experts, which can lead to valuable industry contacts. Building a network not only helps with job referrals but also plays a vital role in career advancement and promotions.
  • Make the Right Use of Social Media
    Keep your social media profiles updated with your achievements to create an online presence. Social media can also be a useful tool for connecting directly with recruiters on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn. 
  • Let Out Your Unique Ideas:
    If you want a job at a startup, think of unique business ideas or suggest new ways to help them succeed. This can really impress potential employers and increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Resume Building:
    Having a standout resume is essential for getting noticed by employers. Your resume should be concise and straightforward because recruiters usually have limited time to review it. Avoid using overly technical language or making exaggerated claims about your accomplishments. Ensure that your resume is free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Begin Job Hunting 6 Months Before MBA Graduation: 
    To acquire a good job, start job hunting six months before your MBA program concludes. This early start allows for more interviews and increases your chances of success, especially for MBA students studying information technology.

Salary for Different MBA Specializations in India

MBA SpecializationsAverage Salary RangeSalary Range for Experienced
MBA in MarketingRs. 8 – 10 LPARs. 18 – 20 LPA
MBA in Digital MarketingRs. 7 – 9 LPARs. 15 – 17 LPA 
MBA in FinanceRs. 8 – 12 LPARs. 15 – 25 LPA 
MBA in HRRs. 7-12 LPARs. 15 – 18 LPA 
MBA in EntrepreneurshipRs. 6-12 LPARs. 5 – 25 LPA
MBA in OperationsRs. 6 – 10 LPA Rs. 12 – 20 LPA 
MBA in Event ManagementRs. 5 – 7 LPA Rs. 8 – 12 LPA 
MBA in ITRs. 7 – 9 LPARs. 10 – 15 LPA 
MBA in HealthcareRs. 7 – 9 LPA Rs. 10 – 15 LPA 
MBA in Business AnalyticsRs. 8 – 10 LPARs. 10 – 15 LPA 

What Ahead?

In today’s fast-changing business environment, it is critical for universities to keep up with the latest management trends. They must train students to be imaginative as well as equipped to deal with current and future difficulties. This entails ensuring that students have a diverse set of new skills and the ability to take initiative in order to succeed. So, choosing the right university will open various doors of opportunity.

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How can I increase my chances of getting a high-paying job after my MBA?

Focus on obtaining your degree from a reputable institution, acquiring relevant work experience, and building a strong network within your desired industry. Additionally, sharpen your analytical, communication, and presentation skills while demonstrating a strong work ethic.

What are the top high-paying career options after an MBA in 2023?

In 2023, high-paying career options for MBA graduates include investment banking, management consulting, private equity, data analytics, product management, marketing management, and entrepreneurship.

What are the salary ranges for these high-paying career options?

The salary ranges for these high-paying career options vary depending on the industry, company, and experience level. However, in general, you can expect to earn a starting salary of INR 6–20 LPA for these roles.

What are the top companies hiring MBA professionals?

Top companies hire MBAs in fields like consulting, finance, tech, and healthcare. Well-known firms include McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Google, P&G, Bank of America, and Johnson & Johnson, offering good pay and career paths.

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