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Top 20 Analytics Companies in India (2024)

Top 20 Analytics Companies in India (2024)
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Aakash Pushkar
Aakash Pushkar
Principal Data Scientist

Data Analytics involves the systematic exploration, interpretation, and visualization of data to uncover meaningful patterns and insights. On the other hand, Business Analytics focuses on utilizing data-driven methodologies to support strategic decision-making and optimize business performance. Together, these disciplines empower organizations to extract valuable knowledge from vast amounts of data and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic and information-rich landscape. 

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Why Do We Need Data Analytics in India?

In the vast Indian business market, data analytics plays a remarkable role in various aspects, making it essential for several reasons:

Why Do We Need Data Analytics in India
  • Business Decision-Making: Data analytics plays a crucial role in helping businesses make informed decisions based on insights into market trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiency. With data analysis, companies in India can use facts and evidence to make decisions that will help them grow, allocate resources effectively, and improve their overall performance.
  • Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive landscape, companies in India need to stay ahead of the curve. Data analytics empowers organizations to identify emerging opportunities, anticipate market shifts, and develop strategies to gain a competitive edge. By leveraging data effectively, Indian businesses can differentiate themselves and adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Data analytics helps streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. By analyzing production, supply chain, and resource allocation data, companies in India can identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.
  • Customer Understanding: Understanding customers is vital for businesses in India. Data analytics enables the analysis of customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns, providing valuable insights into their needs and expectations. This knowledge allows companies to tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to meet customer demands effectively.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Companies in India (2024)

India has seen remarkable growth in the field of data analytics in recent years, with several businesses emerging as major participants in this industry. Here are 10 major Indian data analytics businesses that have made important contributions to the sector, listed below:

1. TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS, formed in 1968, is a renowned multinational IT services and consulting company that holds a dominant position in data analytics. They offer a wide range of analytics solutions, including predictive modeling, data visualization, and machine learning. TCS leverages its vast domain expertise to provide data-driven insights, assisting organizations in making informed business decisions.

2. Infosys


Infosys, formed in 1981, is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. They provide advanced analytics solutions to clients across various industries, specifically focusing on customer, supply chain, and risk analytics. Combining profound industry knowledge with state-of-the-art analytics techniques, Infosys delivers business value to its clients.

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3. Wipro


Wipro, incorporated in 1945, offers comprehensive data analytics services encompassing data management, data visualization, predictive analytics, and AI-driven insights. They specialize in helping businesses leverage data to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation. Wipro’s analytics solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including banking, healthcare, and retail.

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4. Accenture


Accenture is a globally recognized professional services company known for its proficiency in analytics and emerging technologies. Accenture India Private Limited was incorporated in 1991 to embrace the power of information and technology. Their data analytics solutions cover areas such as marketing analytics, risk analytics, and supply chain analytics. Accenture’s analytics capabilities drive clients to transform their businesses through data-driven strategies and operational excellence.

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5. Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma is a leading analytics and decision sciences company specializing in solving complex business problems using data-driven insights. They provide end-to-end analytics services, including data engineering, predictive modeling, and AI-driven decision support. Mu Sigma’s unique approach combines analytics, technology, and domain expertise to deliver actionable insights.

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6. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is a prominent provider of AI-powered analytics and decision science solutions. Their services include customer analytics, pricing analytics, and risk analytics. By leveraging advanced analytics algorithms and machine learning techniques, Fractal Analytics delivers personalized recommendations, driving growth for organizations.

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7. Genpact


Genpact is a globally recognized professional services firm offering analytics solutions to drive digital transformation and business outcomes. Their analytics capabilities span across areas such as finance and accounting, supply chain, and customer experience. Genpact’s tailored analytics solutions help businesses make data-driven decisions and achieve operational excellence.

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8. EXL Service

EXL Service

EXL Service, founded in 1999, is a leading provider of analytics, operations management, and automation solutions. They empower business organizations to unlock the value of data through their expertise in data modeling, text analytics, and machine learning. EXL Service’s analytics offerings are comprised of improving efficiency, optimizing processes, and lastly enhancing customer experiences.

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9. Quantiphi


Quantiphi is an AI and data analytics company specializing in transforming businesses through advanced analytics and machine learning. They provide services such as data engineering, cognitive computing, and image recognition. Quantiphi’s solutions enable clients to harness the full potential of their data and drive innovation across industries.

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10. Happiest Minds Technologies

Happiest Minds Technologies

Happiest Minds Technologies is a digital transformation and IT services company offering data analytics solutions across industries. Their services include data management, advanced analytics, and data governance. The company helps varied organizations leverage data to gain a competitive edge and drive business growth.

These top 10 data analytics companies in India showcase expertise in various areas of data analytics. They utilize advanced technologies and methodologies to help businesses harness the power of data and make data-driven decisions.

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Top 10 Business Analytics Companies in India (2024)

There are many other reputable business analytics companies in India. These 10 companies, however, stand out for their strong track record, innovative solutions, and contribution to business analytics. Below is the list of the top 10 business analytics companies in India.

1. LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics specializes in digital analytics and AI-powered solutions. They help businesses leverage data from various sources to derive actionable insights for marketing, customer experience, and risk management. Combining data science expertise with technology capabilities, LatentView Analytics delivers data-driven strategies and competitive advantages.

2. Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions

Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions started in 2011, is a leading AI and analytics company. It offers end-to-end solutions across the varied analytics value chain. Their services include data engineering, predictive modeling, and decision optimization. Bridgei2i leverages advanced analytics techniques to enable data-driven decision-making and deliver measurable business outcomes.

3. Analyttica


Analyttica is a data science and analytics company offering businesses end-to-end analytics solutions. They specialize in predictive analytics, risk modeling, and marketing analytics. Analyttica’s advanced analytics capabilities enable organizations to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

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4. Course5 Intelligence

Course5 Intelligence

Course5 Intelligence offers AI-powered analytics solutions to assist business companies in gaining valuable insights regarding the market. They provide services in domains such as customer analytics, market research, and data visualization. The company leverages a combination of analytics expertise, domain knowledge, and technology capabilities to generate actionable insights for remarkable revenue outcomes.

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5. Absolutdata


Absolutdata, founded in 2001, is a data analytics and research firm. It is specialized in marketing analytics, sales effectiveness, and customer analytics. They help businesses drive revenue growth, improve marketing ROI, and enhance customer engagement through data-driven insights. Absolutdata’s solutions enable their esteemed clients with solutions such as AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to aim for significant business growth.

6. Nihilent Analytics

Nihilent Analytics

Nihilent Analytics is a data analytics and consulting company that helps organizations unlock the power of data for strategic decision-making and operational excellence. Their services include data visualization, descriptive analytics, and predictive modeling. Nihilent Analytics focuses on delivering actionable insights, empowering businesses to drive growth.

7. Crayon Data

Crayon Data

Crayon Data is widely recognized as a global leader in leveraging big data and artificial intelligence for personalized experiences. Through their advanced algorithms, they empower businesses with tailored product recommendations and precise marketing strategies. Their solutions have gained immense popularity in the banking, hospitality, and e-commerce sectors, effectively boosting customer engagement and driving revenue growth.

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8. Manthan 


Manthan has emerged as a prominent player in delivering cloud-based analytics solutions exclusively designed for the retail and consumer goods industries. By harnessing the power of their analytics platform, businesses can uncover profound insights into customer behavior, optimize pricing and promotions, and streamline supply chain operations. With a strong foothold in retail analytics, Manthan has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous global brands.

9. Quantzig


Quantzig is a renowned global analytics and advisory firm famous for its ability to provide tailor-made analytics solutions across diverse industries. Their comprehensive services span customers, supply chains, and financial analytics. Quantzig enables businesses to achieve substantial growth and success by focusing on delivering insights derived from analytics.

10. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is a boutique consulting firm specializing in advanced analytics and data science. They assist businesses in leveraging big data, machine learning, and AI to solve complex business problems. Tiger Analytics strongly focuses on industries such as retail, healthcare, and financial services, delivering actionable insights to drive business transformation.

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The future holds great potential for data analytics companies in India as the significance of data-driven decision-making and digital transformation continues to rise. The demand for advanced analytics solutions is expected to grow significantly in response to this trend. The top 15 Data Analytics Companies in India in 2024 will showcase impressive expertise in utilizing data to foster business growth and facilitate well-informed decision-making.

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