Algorithms: The Backbone of Big Data Analytics!
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Big Data has taken the centre stag since the time of its inception and this is the reason every industry across the globe wishes to take advantage from it. However data does not work alone, but a lot of factors stand with it to make it work. One of them is Algorithm.

Yes! Big Data could have a long gone concept if Algorithms weren’t developed to support this idea. The intelligent algorithms do not only decode the data but analyze and provide the right output at the right time. The reason behind this fact is the complexity of Big Data which has made it hard to be deployed and operated. Algorithms solve this purpose by acting as the implementing agent in the system.

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Algorithms are everywhere!

When you open Facebook and like a picture, you generate big data. When you Google something, you generate big data. When you open an e-commerce website, you generate big data. But what happens with this data afterwards?

This is when Algorithms come into picture. Whenever you like, search or browse anything, an algorithms processes the amount of data you generate and gives you the outcome you need.

Google uses PageRank algorithm to rank the search results which is reflected when we search any term and find the results as per their relevance. Facebook uses EdgeRank algorithm to determine the position of a news feed on your wall.

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Ever-increasing Data

As per Mar Tech, currently 2.7 Zetabytes of data exist in the digital universe. 

Data is emanating from every digital medium making it highly complicated for a normal system to handle it. With this huge amount of data exploding every minute, we have to depend on intelligent algorithms that can automate the entire procedure to make it simpler and accurate.

IoT being the revolutionary concept in itself is one of the driving forces behind the massive data generation which is not only going to flood the digital space but also going to require intelligent algorithms to extract the important insights from them.

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Automation and Customization: As driving factors

Since everything is getting automated, the need for algorithms has increased like anything. People need everything instantly in a customized manner. You make all the settings of your social media profile, banking applications, email accounts, e-commerce websites. What do you think is acting behind all these customization?

When you make your account in Uber, it saves your GPS location on the very first time and prompts each time you open your account to book a cab. Imagine how many customized accounts do Uber handles each day? Surprising right?

Each time you open your Facebook account, you see the people it suggests saying “People You May Know”. How does Facebook do that? Algorithm!

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A new era of algorithms with Machine Learning

The process of automation does not end at applications and software, but starts with Machine Learning. Its only when you try to make a machine act like humans, you require algorithms to be fed into the machines. The machines are getting smarter as they are able to develop cognitive intelligence in them. They can’t just act as commanded, but can also make decisions by developing new algorithms on their own.

Robotics, Natural language processing, machine learning have become the areas using and developing extensive algorithms to make machines smarter than ever before.

Big Data is still in its nascent stage, but the massive adoption of algorithms has made it a key for development. However it will be interesting to know the ways algorithms will be influencing our lives in coming years.

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