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Frustrated seeing the competition around your business?

Its time to end your worries and make use of an enterprise architecture framework to upgrade your organization in order to run it with full grace. And YES, TOGAF is one such top enterprise architecture framework.

In this article, I will be writing about TOGAF and how it can be improved to have a better-developed enterprise architecture. The latest version of TOGAF is TOGAF 9.1 which was launched in 2011. Since the date of release, it has been proving  to be a brilliant assistant for developing the architecture of enterprises  in the IT industry. From the release of the first version till today, the demand of TOGAF has been always exponentially high. It is seen that, in many of the companies for applying to definite job roles, you have to get certified in TOGAF. Like any technology, TOGAF too has got some negative aspects. But still with its disadvantages, TOGAF has proved to be one of the unbeaten frameworks for enterprise architecture development.


Today’s  IT services are vast and any enterprise has to become agile in order to satisfy all the demands made by the  customers.  With the modernisation and the fast speed the IT is growing, it is a tough part for the enterprises to betterment the IT architecture. TOGAF has the ability to obtain a perfect enterprise architecture. Learning and understanding TOGAF is a great idea, but also have to stay up to date with newer versions of TOGAF.

Certification in Cloud & Devops

TOGAF have to Stay Up-to-date With Newer Technologies

Since today, the most flourishing technologies in the industries are the internet of things, cloud, security , etc. Hence, TOGAF gives hands on to walk with these new technologies ad will always be updated according to newer technologies. Cloud computing has already touched the roof of IT. Now TOGAF should provide  detailed guidance about this technology because the whole IT is using the cloud.  Even it is also seen that cloud computing always faces security issues. Hence, TOGAF has to provide proper  management in the security issues of cloud computing. If there is no safety for the architecture of  organizations, obviously, there is no chance of growth. And if there is no growth, organizations will experience the exponential declination path. Again it is seen that the idea of the internet of things has been accepted by the entire technology industry . People are seen to be very excited about the fact of Connecting things with the internet. Since the internet of things completely depends on cloud and cloud has got security issues, hence the TOGAF have to give proper guidance to this too. Technology grows each day and learning each technology is important and that is where TOGAF plays its role.

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TOGAF should help in knowing other Frameworks

Togaf Framework

TOGAF has  been introduced by the Open Group and like TOGAF, this group has  developed and launched many frameworks. Along with these open Group Frameworks, there are a large number of other frameworks in the industry. Cobit, Multiple ISO standards, ITIL are examples of such type of frameworks.  TOGAF is an awesome assistant that will tell us how to get used to all the frameworks available in the industry. Learning TOGAF should  help you learn and handle other frameworks too.

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TOGAF is responsible for the enterprise architecture of the organization. The degree to what extent this enterprise architecture is nurturing the organization is called as the  maturity of the architecture. The TOGAF has got its own maturity form called as CMMI. Although it is quite up to the mark,  it still needs some more improvement in order to develop the organization better.

Have to Release Newer and Quicker  Versions


TOGAF should release newer versions with small intervals. By doing so, TOGAF will be able to improve smaller faults and will be able to stay more advanced in comparison to the birth of new technologies in the industry.  Every newer version of TOGAF will be a bit better than the previous version and in this way, you can obtain an agile TOGAF framework, which will lead to having an agile IT enterprise architecture. Faster release of newer versions will help TOGAF to face the newer errors and to solve them. With the quicker development of the TOGAF framework, quicker IT enterprise architecture can be obtained. Open Group can make use of GitHb in order to know the status  of the development of TOGAF framework.

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The base of TOGAF framework is really strong and excellent.  Every organization will always need an enterprise architecture in order to keep their operational tasks keep going and their IT strategies  expanding and enriching. And in order to have a successful IT architecture, you need to have TOGAF. Hence, learning TOGAF is essential to have a powerful enterprise architecture that will boost and make your IT organization most commanding. It is high time you should start using TOGAF and do the improvements required. I am sure you will love to experience the improvements, your organization will go through.

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