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Get prepared for CCP Data Scientist exams!

Get prepared for CCP Data Scientist exams!

Data scientist is one of the most trending job profiles as Harvard University Review calls it the sexiest job of 21st century. These experts are the data wranglers who bring meaningful and useful insights out of the messy bulks of raw data. Data scientists are not only proficient in technology, but an expert in statistics and business practices also which make their work complex than any other big data job. With the increasing need for data scientists around the world companies are craving for people with outstanding data science skills. However merely getting theoretical knowledge is not sufficient as practical experience is very much required to grab the lucrative Big Data jobs. Getting a certification help you achieve this aim. This blog is aimed at providing you clear guidelines about how to go for clearing the CCP Data Scientist exams.

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CCP Data Scientist exams that have three basic categories –

CCP Data Scientist examsDescription
DS700Descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Big Data
DS701Advanced Analytical Techniques on Big Data

You must be wondering why should you take up aforementioned exams. Given below are the reasons-

  • Proof of your mastery in Data Science skills
  • Cloudera certification can be verified anytime, anywhere
  • Cloudera is recognized as one of the top five certification provider

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DS700: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Big Data

Exam cost – $600.00 USD

Exam duration – 8 hours

Skills required to clear this exam – This exam is also called statistical exam which requires you to have expertise in –

  • Basic statistical computations like mean, median, variance, etc.
  • Creating and proving the hypotheses with various statistical tests
  • Calculating confidence for a hypothesis
  • Performing complex computations on large datasets
  • Computing the likelihood for the occurrence of certain event

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DS701: Advanced Analytical Techniques on Big Data

Exam cost- $600.00 USD

Exam duration- 8 hours

Skills required to clear this exam – Clearing this exam needs you to have following skills-

  • Applying advanced analytical techniques and identifying the outliers in a graph
  • Building model that has similar features to a large set of data
  • Ability to assign the data records from the large dataset to a defined data grouping
  • Evaluating the goodness of fit for the defined data set and data grouping
  • Ability to define relevant data groupings

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Common skills necessary for clearing the certification exams

Apart from the specific skills required to clear certain module, the candidate appearing for the tests should be having these additional skills-

  • Finding the errors in the large dataset
  • Extracting features in particular formats like JSON, XML, raw text logs, etc.
Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Points to be considered before taking up the tests

Each candidate wanting to take the certification exams should keep in mind that-

  • These tests should be cleared within one year of each other
  • In case of a failure you need to wait for thirty days for registering again
  • Tests are taken in order
  • You need to pay each time you take a certification test
  • You need to have a good knowledge in Python or R or any two big data technology

Bottom line

Having practical knowledge is highly important, no doubt. But certification exams validate your ability to work in real-life use cases that help you grab the lucrative jobs in no time. The industries are in need for skilled Data Scientists however they want people who have experience in working on large datasets and real-life use-cases. Cloudera certification exams give you opportunity to achieve these benefits. Though the solution kit for these tests are available on the web, but getting a proper training will help you clear these tests in one shot. Intellipaat offers you to get an industry-recognized Data Science Certification Training which is perfectly in line with the requirements of CCP-700 and 701 exams.

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