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How IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer is redefining our world?

How IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer is redefining our world?

At the Vogue Women of the Year 2017, IBM Watson used its smart IoT integration and Personality Insights API to create an LED-embedded saree that based on the contest’s winner’s dominant personality traits, changes colors. Watson had co-created the gala dress for the same event along with Marchesa in 2016. Watson analyzed the twitter tweets on the event and as per the emotions gathered from the tweets it changed the color of the dress. Did you know another fantastic story that IBM Watson was incepted to win the quiz show Jeopardy? Watson did surprisingly well then the human competitors in the quiz. Are you aware that it can process 40 million documents in 15 seconds? But now let’s see how IBM Watson is changing the world as we know.

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Improved data crunching

Have you as a business owner tried to comb through vast amount of previous data so that it is helpful in the current scenario? IBM Watson can be helpful in this regard. Barristers for example can go through hundreds of older cases which can be helpful in their current case. They can go through all the arguments of older cases and be better prepared.

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Enhanced HR

The text in your speech, emails, and social media is used by Watson to depict the being of a person. Through this it can not only make sense of what you did previously but also gauge the way you interact with people and to certain situations. It’s labor intensive and quite hard for HR professionals to analyze the people who are applying for specific roles because of short time and low budgets. IBM Watson is a step ahead in this game in that it analyzes the already working employees chooses those applicants who are best fit to the team.

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Better food

To make agricultural production more efficient IBM Watson can help in analyzing weather data. Conclusions can be drawn by gauging the past data and future can be accurately predicted. You can lose weight by consuming those food items suggested by Watson.

Improved shopping

Customer service centers is said to be a thing of the past. IBM Watson is one of the Artificial Intelligence trends held responsible for it. There are artificial conversational agents being designed for the service sector. Buying has become complex in e-commerce. To render real time and highly personalized advice to customers, smart assistants are provided by Watson.

Highly relevant insurance services    

You might want to refrain from sharing your photos of ski stunts and bike wheeling. Insurance companies may well soon use Watson to take into account these aspects too. The legacy way of deciding insurance premium based only on employment, hobbies may be a thing of the past. Along with this, IBM Watson can dive into your social media interactions to determine your activities, behavior and risk profile.

Holidaying just couldn’t be better

IBM Watson can analyze your Instagram account to view what all images you liked and can exactly determine where these images were taken in the first place. This data can be combined with your Facebook data to assess which places you’ve already been. Apart from these other places can be suggested to you. This is just one aspect of the machine. It can also help you plan activities like if you want to go to ballooning etc.

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Improved banking

Artificial Intelligence can help in mobile banking as IBM Watson will soon help both bank lenders and individuals. Artificial Intelligence is already helping people with bank accounts to suggest them financial products to invest in.


IBM believes that Watson can predict the future within the next 10 years. Watson is getting ready to deal with cyber criminals as it is being fed with large reports and data all aiming at identifying threats and outliers. There is also a WatsonPaths which shows how Watson arrived at a particular conclusion in an assessment. There is a growing fear that it may replace human personnel working in various service sectors leaving large mass of people unemployed. But there is also a counter argument that for a job lost to automation and machines there are more created for the humans. Technology has advanced rapidly and in the last 15 years we have seen many breakthrough technologies and there have been layoffs. But aren’t new jobs being created or else there would have been huge societal and economical unrest. This is to assert that advancement to technology shouldn’t be hindered keeping myopic viewpoints in mind. IBM Watson has proved that technology can be leveraged to make this world a better place.

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