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How to Start a Career in Cloud Computing (2024)?

How to Start a Career in Cloud Computing (2024)?

Initially businesses used physical storages to handle the data and operations. As soon as the internet started to expand the data size increased handling which became a cumbersome task making business operations inflexible and cost-inefficient. However some of the companies came up with a disruptive idea of cloud services which used internet to provide various hardware and software services. Gradually this technology became all the rage and today even the small companies of the economy use a cloud service to manage its operations effectively.

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Worldwide spending on public cloud services will grow at a 19.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from nearly $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019.- Forbes

In a nutshell, Cloud is a virtual platform which allows you to access various applications and services on the go without having to use your own hardware platform. Almost everyone access cloud service one way or the other each day. You want to know how?

  • When you update a status on Facebook on your mobile phone, you are on cloud
  • When you are watching a video on the internet, you are on cloud
  • When you are transferring or checking your bank balance on internet, you are using cloud
  • When you are shopping online, you are on cloud.

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Many more examples are there which reflect the extent to which Cloud is involved in our daily-life activities. Nevertheless it is imperative to know why companies are so keen on using Cloud or how Cloud computing is helping businesses achieve their objectives.

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Better insights- With the huge data emanating each second from the digital mediums, it has become inevitable for the companies to rely on cloud platforms for analyzing the trends and a single downtime may cause a huge loss to the company. Enormous space provided by the cloud services solve this problem and allow the businesses to shift their platforms to cloud for better performance.

Speed- Shifting a major portion of a business to the cloud allows the companies to free the memory and space from unwanted loads ultimately speeding up the business operations. This causes the businesses to be more agile and responsive from both the customers’ and companies’ ends.

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Streamlining the operations- Integrating a virtual cloud with the business allows it to streamline the business activities in an efficient manner. Creating a common platform to be accessed by the customers as well as the company, Cloud Computing removes the barriers imposed by conventional technologies.

Cost-efficiency- Cloud computing is considered as the latest disruptive technology that has made the companies achieve their objective in a cost-efficient manner. whether it is customer engagement or deploying an application, cloud platform allows the businesses to harvest its benefits to a great extent.


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Is Cloud trending? How?

With the advent of Cloud Computing it has become easier for the businesses to access the data anytime, anywhere. Being able to pull-off great benefits from cloud the companies are planning to invest more in cloud services in future.

According to a report published by Forbes, In 2016, spending on public cloud Infrastructure as a Service hardware and software is forecast to reach $38B, growing to $173B in 2026. 

            Source: Forbes

Currently cloud is the backbone for most of the companies providing cutting-edge technologies to be delivered to the companies and customers. Moreover cloud is the basis for many more inventions like Internet of Things (IOT), containerization, Hybrid cloud, etc. Forbes stated last year that presently around 65% of all the data traffic is based on cloud which will reach 83% by 2019. While public cloud is expected to worth $127 billion by 2018.

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Biggest Cloud player in the market

Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the biggest market player when it comes to public cloud with 31% market share and growth followed by Microsoft with 9%, IBM with 7%, Google and Salesforce with 4% market shares respectively.

Source: Forbes

Ranked as a leader since 2006, AWS excels in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering a wide array of functionalities for the companies. Forbes reported that the sales of AWS grew by 51% by the second quarter of 2016. AWS provides a wide array of cloud-based products and services ranging from networking, storage, servers, to remote computing and security. It has been proved to the most profitable division of Amazon bringing over 50% of the company’s revenue and is spanning across a wide territory including India with its latest acquisition.

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Following factors have transformed AWS from a start-up to a Fortune 500 company-

Learn new Technologies
Initiated Public CloudPioneered the concept of public cloud way before its rivals did
FunctionalityProvides a broad spectrum of products and services
InnovationStriving to improve its public cloud services
Pay as per the useAllows the companies to pay as much they use

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How AWS certification matters to your career?

With rising usage of cloud computing numerous career opportunities have emerged creating a huge pool of jobs for aspirants. There are lucrative career opportunities existing in the market for people having diverse skills. Cloud engineers, experts, solution architects, operation engineers and many more professionals populate the technology department of AWS. However grabbing these attractive job roles require the candidates to have a certification in respective areas of interest.

According to Forbes, over 3.9 million jobs are available today out of which 3,84,478 are associated with cloud computing with a median salary of $90,950.

Source: Payscale.com

The numbers clearly depict that there are hot job prospects in the domain of cloud computing which is complemented by attractive paycheques. Also these numbers are only going to grow in near future which will open the doors to better and high-paying employment opportunities. Hence launch your career this year with a certification in AWS from Intellipaat which is equivalent to six months of industrial experience. World-class training from the industry professionals along with the hands-on experience will not only enrich your knowledge but will make you stand out from the crowd. Check out our Cloud Computing tutorial to learn more about Cloud Computing.

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