MTech in Data Analytics: Top Colleges, Eligibility, Scope, and Salary

MTech in Data Analytics: Top Colleges, Eligibility, Scope, and Salary

In this blog, we’ll take a look into the signature aspects of MTech in Data Analytics, discussing its opportunities, the best colleges offering the program, the potential salaries for graduates, the leading companies that seek these professionals, and the reasons why choosing this field could be a wise decision for your future.

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MTech Data Analytics Course Overview 

MTech in Data Analytics is a specialized postgraduate program focused on teaching students how to handle and interpret large sets of data. This program equips students with the necessary skills to extract valuable insights from complex data, enabling them to make informed business decisions. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical application, students gain a comprehensive understanding of data analytics and its real-world applications across various industries. As companies increasingly embrace technology and speed, the role of data analysts becomes crucial.

Highlights of the course are shown in the table below:

Course LevelPost Graduation
Course Duration 2 years (4 semesters)
EligibilityBachelor’s in fields such as Information Technology, Physics, Computer Science, Operations, Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics
Minimum aggregate of 55%-60% marks from a recognized institution in the relevant subjects mentioned above
(SC/ST/OBC categories are eligible for a 5% relaxation in the minimum eligibility criteria)
Admission ProcessMerit/Entrance exam

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Why Pursue a Degree in M.Tech in Data Analytics

Why Pursue a Degree in M.Tech in Data Analytics

The demand for data scientists and analysts is rapidly increasing across industries as businesses rely more on data for informed decisions. Graduates of M.Tech in Data Analytics programs are highly sought after and can earn competitive salaries. Moreover, data scientists and analysts are among the highest-paid professionals globally. According to PayScale, the average salary for a data scientist in India is around INR 10 lakhs per annum, with experienced professionals earning more.

M.Tech in Data Analytics graduates can explore various career paths in technology, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, working as data scientists, analysts, machine learning engineers, big data engineers, and more.

Upon completing an MTech in Data Analytics, individuals can gain a comprehensive skill set that includes:

  1. Data Analysis: Proficiency in analyzing complex datasets using various statistical and analytical techniques
  2. Programming Skills: Expertise in programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL for data manipulation and analysis
  3. Data Visualization: Ability to create informative data visualizations to communicate insights effectively
  4. Machine Learning: Understanding of machine learning algorithms and their application in data modeling
  5. Big Data Technologies: Familiarity with tools like Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL for managing and analyzing large datasets
  6. Problem-Solving: Capacity to apply critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex data-related issues
  7. Business Acumen: Understanding of business processes to translate data insights into strategic decisions
  8. Communication: Effective communication skills to convey technical findings to non-technical stakeholders
  9. Data Security and Privacy: Knowledge of data security protocols and privacy regulations for ethical data handling
  10. Project Management: Proficiency in managing data analytics projects from planning to evaluation

Career Opportunities

As discussed earlier, there are plenty of job roles for M.Tech in Data Analytics students, including:

  1. Data Analyst: Examining data and providing insights for businesses
  2. Data Scientist: Using data to guide decisions and develop strategies for companies
  3. Business Intelligence Analyst: Decoding complex data sets to help businesses make better choices
  4. Data Engineer: Managing large datasets to ensure data quality and accessibility for analysis
  5. Data Architect: Designing and constructing data management systems for businesses
  6. Database Administrator: Overseeing data storage, organization, and security
  7. Business Analyst: Assessing business processes and systems to recommend improvements based on data analysis
  8. Data Mining Specialist: Identifying patterns and trends in large datasets using data mining techniques
  9. Big Data Analytics Architect: Creating and implementing big data solutions to improve company operations and decision-making

Moreover, M.Tech Data Analytics graduates can explore various fields and industries, including:

  1. Technology: Working on data-driven solutions and innovations in tech companies
  2. Finance: Analyzing financial data to support informed decision-making
  3. Healthcare: Utilizing data analysis to improve healthcare services
  4. Retail: Employing data insights to enhance marketing strategies
  5. Manufacturing: Optimizing production processes using data analysis
  6. Education: Applying data analytics to enhance educational strategies
  7. Government: Utilizing data for policy-making and public service improvements
  8. Research: Contributing to data-focused research projects
  9. Entrepreneurship: Establishing data-driven startups or consulting firms

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Top Colleges for MTech in Data Analytics

Data Analytics M.Tech programs are highly renowned in many Indian universities. Top universities in India providing M.Tech degrees in AI and ML include:

CollegeTuition Fee (in INR)Average Package (in INR)Cut-off PercentileEntrance Exam
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad8.3 lakhs18 lakhs per annum96.00%GATE
Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology1.37 lakhs per annum7 lakhs per yearGATEGATE
JECRC University75,000 per annum8-10 lakhs per annum60% in GATE or 55% aggregate in BCA/MCA/B.Sc.(IT)/B.TechGATE or JECRC University M.Tech entrance test
National Institute of Technology (NIT) Tiruchirappalli1.4 lakhs per annum10 lakhs per annum85%GATE
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KITT)6.5 lakhs7.5 lakhs per annum85%KIITEE PG or GATE

Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is a well-known technical institute in India that specializes in engineering and technology education and research. The institute focuses on research and development and has multiple research centers and laboratories. It has collaborations with leading industries and research organizations to develop innovative technologies and practical solutions. 

Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology

The Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) is a respected technical institution in India well-known for its excellence in engineering and technology education and research. Since its establishment in 2001, JIIT has maintained a reputation for providing quality education and denoting innovation in the field.

JIIT offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, science, and technology, including its highly sought-after M.Tech program in data analytics.

JECRC University

JECRC University is a reputable private university in India that provides a well-regarded M.Tech in Data Analytics program. The program aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive as data scientists and analysts. The curriculum includes various subjects such as data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, and big data processing.

National Institute of Technology (NIT) Tiruchirappalli

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Tiruchirappalli is a renowned technical university in India, known for its excellent engineering and technology education and research. The institute offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, science, and technology.

The M.Tech in Data Analytics program at NIT Tiruchirappalli is an intensive course that prepares students for careers in data science and analytics. The program covers various subjects, including data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, and big data technologies. Students also have the opportunity to conduct research on advanced data analytics techniques and applications.

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KITT)

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KITT) is a private university in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, known for its outstanding engineering and technology education and research. KITT provides a two-year full-time Master of Technology (M.Tech) program in Data Analytics, aiming to equip students for roles in data science and analysis. The program includes various subjects such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data processing, and data visualization.

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Salary of M.Tech in Data Analytics Graduates 

An M.Tech graduate in data analytics earns salaries depending on industry, region, years of experience, and particular work function. The following table represents an approximation of the salary range for M.Tech graduates in data analytics in various job roles:

Job RoleEntry-Level Salary  (in INR)Mid-Level Salary (in INR)Senior-Level Salary (in INR)
Machine Learning Engineer7-11 LPA11-16 LPA16-25 LPA
Data Scientist6-10 LPA10-15 LPA15-20 LPA
Big Data Engineer7-11LPA11-15 LPA15-23 LPA
Business Intelligence Analyst6-10 LPA10-14 LPA14-20 LPA
Data Architect7-11 LPA11-15 LPA15-25 LPA

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Top Recruiting Companies for MTech in Data Analytics

Companies belonging to different industries hire data analytics specialists. The following table describes information about these companies:

IndustryTop Recruiting Companies
Technology and ITGoogle, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and Capgemini
Automotive and TransportationTesla, Waymo, Uber, Bosch, Continental, and Delphi
Healthcare and PharmaceuticalsGE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Philips Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, and Medtronic
Financial ServicesJP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express
Consulting and ServicesAccenture, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company

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The field of M.Tech in Data Analytics opens doors to a dynamic world of valuable insights and solutions. It’s more than just numbers and charts; it’s about turning data into valuable knowledge. Pursuing a career with an MTech in Data Analytics offers extensive expertise to go for the fast-growing industries relying on data-driven strategies. From top tech companies to pioneers in healthcare, proficiency in data analytics is a valuable skill, providing access to numerous exciting opportunities.

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