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10 Best AI Graphic Designer Tools in 2024

The field of AI and design is rapidly evolving, so it’s important to research the latest tools and trends in 2023 to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. In this blog, we’ll look at the top 10 AI tools for designers in 2023, shaping the future of design.

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What is an AI Design Tool?

An artificial intelligence design tool, often referred to as an AI design tool, is software or a platform that makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help designers with various stages of the design process. These technologies use AI algorithms to automate processes, provide suggestions, produce content, and optimize design components in order to boost creativity, efficiency, and productivity.

Various design disciplines, such as graphic design, web design, product design, animation, and more, can leverage AI design tools. They can produce design solutions that appeal to specific audiences by analyzing data, trends, and user preferences. These tools not only increase productivity but also promote innovation by freeing designers from repetitive tasks so they may concentrate on refining their creative ideas.

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Why Do We Need an AI Design Tool?

Here are some reasons why we need AI design tools:

  • Efficiency and Speed: AI design tools automate repetitive processes like content organization, image resizing, and layout suggestions. As a result, designers may concentrate on more creative and strategic parts of their work while increasing efficiency and saving time.
  • Enhanced Creativity: AI tools provide inspiration and generate unique design concepts that designers might not have thought of. They introduce fresh ideas and perspectives, expanding creative boundaries and encouraging experimentation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: To discover trends, user preferences, and market demands, AI technologies examine enormous databases. This helps designers produce designs that are more in line with the expectations of the target audience.
  • Consistency and Precision: It ensures consistency in design elements, such as typography and color schemes, throughout a project. This helps maintain a professional and cohesive visual identity.

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Top 10 AI Tools for Designers in 2023

A variety of AI tools are used by designers to boost their creativity. The following table shows the best AI tool options in 2023:

NoDesigning ToolPricingFree SubscriptionSupported PlatformsLink
1Adobe Firefly$20.99/monthNoWindows, MacOS, Android, and iOSRead More
2MidJourney$8/month (billed annually)YesWindows, MacOS, Android, and iOSRead More
3Topaz Labs$79 – $299 (lifetime)NoWindows and MacOSRead More
4KhromaFreeYesWindows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Raspberry PiRead More

In the above section, we have assessed the most reliable and frequently utilized tools within the design field. Let’s now broaden our understanding by exploring the top AI tools for designers. These tools not only enhance the design process’s efficiency but also economize costs and valuable time by enhancing the creative refinement of designs.

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Adobe Firefly: Top AI-Powered Tool

Adobe Firefly is an AI-driven solution that helps designers in ideation, design experimentation, and content creation. Although it remains in its beta phase, its transformative potential for creative work is remarkable. Firefly crafts content across diverse platforms like websites, social media, and promotional materials. Moreover, it empowers users to craft personalized images and videos using AI algorithms. One of the impressive features of Adobe Firefly is its text effect generator. Upon inputting a textual prompt, it generates an array of text-effect images.

Adobe Firefly


  • Collab with Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Understands text prompts to generate creative designs
  • Prepares creative text designs and visual effects
  • Recolors SVGs with ease


Starting at $20.99 per month

Adobe Firefly can help you generate ideas.Adobe Firefly is still in beta, so it may have some bugs.
It can help you experiment with designs.It can be expensive to subscribe.
Adobe Firefly can help you create content.Adobe Firefly may not be suitable for all creative tasks.

DALL-E: Best OpenAI Designing Tool

DALL-E is an AI design tool created by OpenAI that creates realistic images from text descriptions. It is still in beta and can easily revolutionize images by increasing their creativity through the diffusion model. For example, you can ask DALL-E to create an image of “a cat riding a skateboard” and then ask another user to create an image of “a dog wearing a hat.” DALL-E will then combine the two images into a single image.



  • Understands and responds to instructions in natural language
  • Generates images from a variety of sources
  • Develops realistic images from text descriptions


Starting at $15 on top of their free monthly credits

DALL-E can create realistic images from text descriptions.DALL-E is currently in its beta stage, indicating that it remains a work in progress and may not be flawless. 
It can generate different variations of the same image.Utilizing DALL-E can be challenging, as it demands a certain level of technical skill.
Collaborate with other usersFacilitates the creation of violent and hate images

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Runway ML: Top Video Editing Software

Runway ML is an AI design tool that helps designers create high-quality designs quickly and easily. It can directly produce designs based on your preferences, such as your color scheme, style, and budget. This results in saving you time and effort during the designing phase while increasing the creativity of the images. Additionally, Runway ML can help you create designs that are easily accessible to disabled people.

Runway ML


  • Accessibility of designs for disabled people
  • Optimized for different devices and platforms, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Runway ML is constantly learning and improving.


Starting at $12 per month

Automatic design generationIt’s not ideal because it’s in a beta version.
Continuous learningExpensive due to its monthly subscription.
Device optimizationNot appropriate for all audiences.


App Store: 3.5 / 5

Artbreeder: The Best AI-Driven Art Creation Tool

Artbreeder stands as an acclaimed tool for crafting art, enabling users to fashion and share a diverse range of visuals, paintings, and artistic pieces. Artbreeder’s guiding principle is straightforward: “Create like never before.” The Artbreeder community surpasses 10 million users, yielding an expansive collection of over 250 million images, a product of fusing text and visuals through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.



  • Develop characters, artwork, and more with multiple tools, powered by AI
  • Create a design by mixing images and text together
  • Mix images and edit their genes to create portraits, landscapes, and more


Starting at $8 per month

Create unique artworkLimited control
Discover new visual concepts Dependency on input images
Produce faster results with limited errorsPremium features are costly.

Lumen5: Top Platform for AI Video Creation

AI-powered Lumen5 is referred as the best AI video generator tool where anyone can quickly create entertaining video content in a matter of minutes without having any prior experience or training. Designers often use Lumen5 to repurpose their written content into video format, as videos can be more engaging and shareable on social media platforms. Over 10 million videos were created by Lumen5 across various industries, such as Salesforce, PWC, Siemens, KPMG, SAP, etc. Creating with Lumen5 is like making a presentation. It combines powerful AI with a simple drag-and-drop interface to help you create professional video content for users.



  • Quickly create a video from the written content
  • Add voice-overs to your videos
  • Transform text content into engaging video narratives with AI-powered automation


Starting at $29 per month

AI-powered visual suggestionsLimited creative control
Ability to add voice-oversLumen5 is quite expensive.
Mobile editing flexibilityTotal dependency on input content

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Midjourney:  Advanced Tool for Generative AI

Midjourney is a good example of generative AI that generates visuals from text prompts. Along with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, it has emerged as one of the most well-liked techniques for producing AI art. It largely relies on machine learning techniques like diffusion and large language models. The outcomes can be a little shocking, are always remarkable, and have a very realistic feel to them.



  • Offers a range of artistic styles and themes
  • Employs advanced language models to understand and interpret text inputs accurately
  • Midjourney can create images across a wide spectrum of subjects.


Starting at $10 per month

Offer diverse art stylesNot fully capture complex or abstract artistic concepts
Unique art generationText prompts may not always align with the user’s intended meaning.
Making it visually engagingThe quality and accuracy of results can vary.

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Deep Dream Generator: The Ultimate AI Image Generator

Deep Dream Generator serves as an internet-based AI photo generator available for free use, though registering an account is a prerequisite. It comes with some interesting features, like deep style and deep dream techniques. The platform may be used to create a variety of artistic effects, from fictitious images to abstract designs.

Deep Dream Generator


  • Create original works of digital art
  • Enhance social media posts with artistic effects
  • Design eye-catching visuals for marketing campaigns


Starting at $19 per month

Generates distinctive and surreal images that stand outUsers might have limited control over specific details of the generated images.
Available for free usageMastering the tool’s settings and techniques might require time.
Encourages users to experiment with different inputs and settingsDeep Dream Generator’s premium subscription is expensive.

Khroma: Perfect Color Scheme AI Tool

Khroma uses the power of artificial intelligence to comprehend your color inclinations. It creates an array of color palettes for you to discover, select, and keep. By drawing insights from a multitude of color combinations crafted by individuals online, Khroma presents an array of options suitable for a variety of applications. It ranges from fonts and seamless transitions to harmonious color schemes and even unique visuals.



  • Create numerous color schemes
  • Images produced by AI using your colors
  • Follow hex codes for better color implementation


Starting at $39.99 per month

User-friendly interfaceLimited customization
Accepts diverse input keywords or images to generate relevant color palettesDependency on AI
Speeds up the design processNeed for manual review

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Autodesk Fusion 360: Comprehensive Design and Engineering Software 

Autodesk Fusion 360 is an internet-based platform used for the creation of 3D models, product design, and manufacturing. This tool helps in creating electronics and circuit boards, among others. Leveraging intelligent AI algorithms, Fusion 360 additionally generates a variety of design alternatives. It analyzes user preferences and the established parameters.

Autodesk Fusion 360


  • Generative design
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Realistic visualizations of designs


Starting at $ 56.31 per month

Integration of toolsNot suitable for all budget constraints
Enables users to create parametric modelsDependency on a stable internet connection
Comprehensive design platformInterface complexity

Rating and Review

Play Store: 2.9/5 and 3.49K reviews

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Topaz Labs: Best Photo Editing AI Tool

A software business called Topaz Labs offers a variety of AI-powered solutions for modifying photos and videos. Their solutions utilize machine learning to instantly improve the quality of any image or video, with astounding results. They use Topaz Photo AI as their all-inclusive image improvement program. Without the need for laborious manual editing, you can use Topaz Labs to increase resolution and sharpness, eliminate noise and blur, and more.

Topaz Labs


  • AI-powered tools for simple image and video enhancement
  • Upgrading the resolution of a photograph by 600%
  • Upscaling, removing noise and blur, sharpening, and improving color can all be done with one tool


$79–$299 (lifetime)

Offers a wide range of toolsOver-reliance on AI
Utilizes advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance and manipulate images.Limited realism control
Save time in the editing processInconsistent results can be produced depending on the provided images and settings.

Summing Up

AI tools have provided graphic designers with many opportunities to find new dimensions, experiment, and bring their ideas to life.  AI will become even more important in shaping how design works in the future. It’s like a new time where tech and creativity come together to make art that goes beyond what we thought was possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one is the best free AI Design Tool?

Khroma stands out as the best free AI tool, valued for its user-friendly experience and ability to display stunning outcomes.

Will AI replace Graphic Designers?

AI may automate some tasks, but human creativity, understanding, and design sensibility will remain irreplaceable in graphic design.

Which is the best AI Design Tool?

Adobe Firefly stands out as the leading AI designing tool for graphic design due to its seamless integration with design powerhouses like Illustrator and Photoshop.

What free AI tools are available for Graphic Design?

Free AI tools available for graphic designs are Khroma, Canva, Adobe Spark, Midjourney, and many more.

What is the best AI tool for UX design?

Canva’s straightforward UI, large library of templates, and user-friendly features make it one of the finest AI tools for UI UX design.

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