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Power BI Integration with Azure

Power BI Integration with Azure

This blog post will discuss the steps that thoroughly connect Azure with Power Business Intelligence.

Azure Power BI

In the previous two years, Power BI has experienced tremendous growth in the IT sector. Employees struggle greatly with data governance due to the exponential expansion of data. We must store this immeasurable data somewhere in order to handle it. As a result, Microsoft Azure supports the integration of Power BI with many other Azure services, including SQL, stream analytics, and many others. In order to work with complex data, this is a fantastic pairing with Microsoft Azure Power Bi.

We shall talk about the following subjects in this blog:

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What is Microsoft Azure?

What is Microsoft Azure?

MS Azure is an example of a cloud-based service that helps your firm manage its business difficulties. An individual with an Azure administration certification can create, manage, and arrange your apps on the Azure platform. Both frameworks and all languages are supported by it. Additionally, it makes sure that your data is securely backed up and secured.

Microsoft Azure is a platform for building and managing apps using Microsoft’s data centers. It enables customers to engage in agile cloud computing. Azure is the best public cloud service on the market since it is a quick, adaptable, and economical platform.

You can utilize a variety of tools on the platform to significantly improve your IT performance. Due to its flexibility, even official recommendations for Azure might be unclear and challenging to comprehend. Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is Microsoft’s cloud computing operating system, to put it simply.

According to Microsoft’s website, Azure is an open and versatile cloud platform that enables you to easily create, deploy, and manage applications across a world network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Applications can be created with any language, tool, or framework. Additionally, you can combine your existing IT environment with your public cloud applications.

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What is Power BI?

What is Power BI?

A service for business analytics is Microsoft Power BI. You can use it to generate reports and dashboards to gain a deeper understanding of your data. Using a unique SDK, Power BI also offers customized visualization.

Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization application that transforms information from many data sources into interactive dashboards and reports. The Power BI package, which provides a variety of products, connections, and services, includes the Power BI Desktop, the Power BI service based on SaaS, and mobile Power BI apps accessible for different platforms. Business customers utilize this group of services to gather data and create BI reports.

Reports are created using the Power BI desktop program, published using the Power BI Services (Software as a Service – SaaS), and viewed using the Power BI mobile app.

There are three versions of Power BI: Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, and Power BI Mobile. Data transformation, publication, and custom visualization are all features of the free Power BI Desktop product. While Power BI Premium on a dedicated cloud costs $4995 per month, Power BI Pro costs $9.99 per user per month.

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Why Connect Azure to Power BI?

Azure with Power Bi can Utilize your corporate data by integrating attractive, interactive data visualizations into applications, websites, portals, and more. You can quickly embed interactive reports and dashboards using Power BI Embedded as a resource on Azure, giving your users a consistent, high-fidelity experience across devices.

You can use Power BI to assist you on your journey from Data -> Knowledge -> Insights -> Actions by incorporating analytics. Additionally, you may increase the value of Power BI and Azure by integrating analytics into the internal apps and portals of your company.

There are numerous scenarios in which Azure and Power BI can be integrated; the potential and possibilities are as distinctive as your company. Learn how to turn your data sources into intelligence that propels your business forward by reading this overview page, which outlines Data Analytics Scenarios utilizing Azure. For more information about Azure services.

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Let’s discuss the steps for azure power bi integration which are as follows:

Steps to Connect Azure to Power BI
  • Click Get Data > Azure > Azure Analysis Services database in Power BI Desktop.
  • Put the server name in the Server field. A complete URL should be used, Such as  asazure:/westcentralus.asazure.windows.net/advworks.
  • Put the name of the tabular model database or perspective you want to connect to in the Database if you know it. If not, you can exclude this field from your entry and choose a database or perspective later.
  • Press Connect after choosing a connection type.
  • The choices of Connect live and Import are both supported. However, since Import mode does have some restrictions—most notably, server performance could be hampered during import—we advised using live connections.

Hence these are the following steps that can be followed to connect azure power bi.

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Use Case of Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Let’s discuss the real-life application of Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Use Case of Microsoft Azure

Here are some use cases for Microsoft that may be of interest to you:

Use Case of Microsoft Azure

Ontario University

When it comes to institutional-level research, this university leads the way globally and is the largest in Canada. It used Microsoft Azure to avoid paying high hardware replacement expenses. Some of its operations were moved to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It allowed the university to change IT procedures while greatly reducing the time spent on them.


Popular Dutch company AkzoNobel is a market leader in the paint and coating industry. It provides services in more than 100 nations and is constantly in need of greater global connectivity. It took advantage of Microsoft Azure IoT technologies to boost connection and performance on a worldwide scale.

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IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group)

One of the biggest and most prestigious hotel chains in the world is this one. It provides services to more than a hundred nations and has about 5200 properties around the world.

You can tell the group takes its commitment to customer service seriously by the fact that you own 5200 properties. You can also tell this by how much experimentation must have been done to stay current with market demands.

This fact is further backed by the fact that this company spends a lot of money on innovations to provide clients with the kind of service they expect.

Use Case of Power BI

Here is a few examples of use scenarios where Power BI dashboards and reports can alter how data is seen.

Use Case of Power BI

Resource Management

Our client was a major producer of consumer electronics with numerous production and device manufacturing facilities spread across different regions.

To effectively allocate tasks and resources, they required a custom BI dashboard. Because Power BI has powerful visualization features, we advised them to use it instead of the typical SSRS reports. To create the report, we used Excel’s Power Query and Power Pivot features.

Dashboards for Financial Reporting

Regardless of the industry, you are in, your company’s primary KPI is likely to be generating revenue and profit. Long-term excel spreadsheets or logbooks make keeping track of your expenses tough and complicated.

You ultimately start to lose track as you manually update the numbers in the cells. Therefore, firms in the modern day have shifted to the potent data visualization program known as Power BI.

Sales scorecard

One way we assist people in keeping tabs on the health of their businesses is through the Sales Scorecard. The scorecard or dashboard gives the sales staff a high-level view of what happened with the company the day before and how things are doing overall.

One way we assist people in keeping tabs on the health of their businesses is through the Sales Scorecard. The scorecard or dashboard gives the sales staff a high-level view of what happened with the company the day before and how things are doing overall.

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You have read this blog to gain detailed knowledge of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, and the procedures for connecting Azure to Power BI. There are built-in integrations for your Azure data in Power BI. However, if you want to combine information from various sources before analysis, I hope this blog would be helpful to broaden your knowledge in PowerBI Integration with Azure.

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