Sudheer’s Success Story

Sudheer realised very early in his career that he needed to upskill and learn more skills to have a positive advantage in the current market. He chose Intellipaat for a course in Linux administration and did not stop there. He admired Intellipat’s dedication to quality education, so he enrolled in more courses. Let us find out more about his amazing career transformation.

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Career Transition Story

I joined Cognizant as an associate and soon realised that many new fields have emerged in the IT industry. If someone is to have an advantage in the market, they need to upskill themselves and learn more skills. I did my research on who could provide me with the best education and chose Intellipaat. I took my first course on Linux and I really liked the course. So, I decided to enroll in more courses. I completed the Oracle database administration, Hadoop, and Java training from Intellipaat as well.

Journey With Intellipaat

My experience with Intellipaat has always been great. The trainers on the course are all very experienced and have over a decade of experience in their respective fields. This makes them the best teachers. They use simple language to teach everything, and they clear up every doubt that you may have. The support team that Intellipaat provides is extremely good. They are always very quick to respond, and they will clear up any doubt that you may have. On top of all this, Intellipaat also provides lifetime access to all the course materials that they provide.


I would say that Intellipaat has provided me with a great advantage. I now have knowledge about varied topics that are relevant to the IT industry, and Intellipaat made sure that my knowledge was always up-to-date. I would like to recommend Intellipaat to anyone with a desire to upskill themselves.

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