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Piyush has a lot of experience in marketing and sales, but he felt like his career was stagnating. The only solution, according to him, was to learn more to gain new skills. He decided that analytics would be the right field because of its increasing importance. Upon searching for institutes, he came across Intellipaat and decided it would be the right place for his learning journey. Read more to find out how Intellipaat helped him upgrade his career.

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Career Transition Story

I have worked in marketing and sales for about five years, but I was worried that my career was not going in the direction I wanted. After learning that analytics would be the best course of action, I began looking for learning platforms that could be of assistance. In essence, I sought to change my focus from sales to analytics. I discovered that the Inellipaat SAS course would help me stand out in the analytics field, but it was also quite difficult to learn. I believed that this was the best platform for finishing my course because it had so many positive online reviews and recommendations from other people. Finally, I decided to enroll in the course.

Journey With Intellipaat

My journey with Intellipaat was excellent. As I had read in the reviews, the course material and the faculty were top-notch. The course material provided all the information that a learner could need, and the teachers were more than willing to clear up any and all doubts that I might have had. While doing the course, I got help from my mentors whenever I lagged behind and Intellipaat’s customer service is very efficient. I got quick responses to all my queries, and very quickly, no matter the time of day. There is flexibility in the course offerings of Intellipaat, where a student can enroll in a single course or a combo course, and I couldn’t find this feature anywhere else.


Intellipaat has been great for my career. I now have in-depth knowledge of analysis, and I am confident that this will definitely boost my career. I have already recommended Intellipaat to my family members and will keep recommending it to all those who wish to transform their careers.

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