The Success Story of Neha

Neha’s journey with Intellipaat is the story of one of the most inspiring career transitions. In this blog, we will outline the experience of Neha to her eventual success and how Intellipaat helped her achieve that.

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Career Transition Story

The Data Scientist Certification at Intellipaat allowed me to secure my dream job during a widespread pandemic, at UNC Charlotte, the USA as a Post-Doctoral Data Science Research Scholar. Today, at my current job I get to apply my knowledge of Data Analytics tools in the advanced research aimed at curbing the spread of the covid-19 virus.

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Journey With Intellipaat

I would definitely say that the training and instructors from Intellipaat have been a blessing for me, not only in terms of helping me crack my job interview but also in developing my abilities in such a way that I am equipped with skills that are contributing to the battle against a deadly virus and enabling me to give back to the community. what more can I ask for?

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My Tenure at Intellipaat equipped me with the right set of skills that I needed to excel in my area of expertise. I would definitely recommend Intellipaat to my friends, colleagues, and job aspirants looking for a Data Science career.

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