Santosh Kumar Raju
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I am Santhosh Kumar Raju. I have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering stream. Currently, I am working in Infosys and I have 2.5 years of experience in Java and Hadoop.

“I know for a fact that for the next 25 years, Hadoop will be the widely used in big data industry”

As I’d been working on Hadoop, I was aware of the potential of big data industry. I wanted to be on track with all the aspects of this domain. I also wanted to troubleshoot and develop Hadoop applications seamlessly. Therefore, I searched online for various course providers of Hadoop and I selected Intellipaat. The reason was that they provided IBM certification and had a diverse course offering. I could not find similar features elsewhere. I enrolled for the combo course which provides complete training for various Hadoop roles such as admin, tester, analyst and architect.


I was very happy with the course mentors because the learning happened with 2-way communication. In lab sessions, I got to work along with the course mentor. I got the bird’s eye view on all aspects of the course. For Hadoop administrator, I got the latest updates from the course mentors. Sometimes, I would reattend the classes to get my queries resolved. My queries to Intellipaat support mail were quickly answered.

“I find the mentors are very knowledgeable with huge working experience. They were good in answering my questions”

I got my course completion certificate from them. After successfully completing 3 projects on Hadoop, I’m currently working on my 4th project. I’m now enjoying while working on Hadoop.

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