Ritesh Bhagwat
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My name is Ritesh Bhagwat from Pune. I have 13 years of experience in business intelligence domain as a BI architect. Currently, I’m working in Credit Swiss Private Limited.

“I was working in Oracle BI and wanted to shift to Data Science because this was the fastest growing technology”

As I was new to Data Science, I wanted to garner all the expertise of this technology. I found Intellipaat to have good course content on Tableau and hence enrolled for Tableau along with Data Science and R training courses.

I got immense knowledge on Tableau and hence I also enrolled for Tableau server courses as well. I have just paid for Tableau once and I am getting all the updates in Tableau from Intellipaat. These courses boosted my confidence which helped me to interact with my customers effectively. I have already recommended Intellipaat to my friends.. This is the best platform to keep oneself constantly updated on latest happenings in technology.

“In my opinion, enrolling in Intellipaat is equivalent to lifetime relationship in that the learner always has a mentoring backup whenever he feels stuck in his subject”  

Also check the reviews on Data Science given by students who transitioned in their career with higher packages.

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