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Piyush Singh
Updated on 14th Oct, 20 2377 Views

My name is Piyush Singh. I have an MBA in marketing with 4.5 years of experience in sales. My domain experience range also covers banking, retail, IT, e-commerce and many others.

“I wanted to shift my domain from sales to analytics”

I came to know that SAS course is good to make a mark in analytics field but it was also quite tough to learn. Because of my job I had very less time available to learn and hence started to search for online courses. While surfing on the internet for good courses, I came across Intellipaat. By numerous positive reviews online and various recommendations by others I thought this is the best platform to get my course done.


While doing the course, I got help from the mentors whenever I got lagged behind. Intellipaat’s customer service is very efficient and I got quick responses to my queries quickly.. There is flexibility in course offering of Intellipaat where a student can enroll for a single course or a combo course and I couldn’t find this feature anywhere else. I have recommended my brother and a couple of my friends to Intellipaat.

“The mentors are very knowledgeable and I could easily follow the course content. I especially liked the online content like PPT”

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