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Switching Career from Java to Hadoop
Updated on 24th May, 23 10499 Views

Java was a popular programming few years back and every technical professional wanted to master this technology to build a career in IT industry. However with the emergence of Big Data, some of the advanced frameworks evolved which are highly in-demand across all the industries worldwide. One of them is Hadoop which is opening new and lucrative career opportunities for beginners as well as professionals in various domains.

The reason behind such hype about Big Data is:

  • The growing importance of dark and untapped data
  • The need for analytics and research for predicting the trends
  • The data emanating from numerous sources making it imperative to accommodate them using powerful technologies
  • Increasing need for real-time data processing
Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Top Reasons you should be Upgrading your Java Career to Hadoop!

Let us compare the two job profiles in terms of the salary hike, responsibility increase, and the vast opportunities.

Java is the programming language of choice for Hadoop

As you are aware Hadoop is a massive Open Source platform for working on extremely huge volumes of data that is beyond the capacity of traditional database management tools. It needs huge commodity hardware support and processing power of the distributed computers in order to successfully run it in any environment.

It is a framework that owes a big part of its success to the Java language. The processing engine of the Hadoop ecosystem is MapReduce framework which is basically written in Java programming language. So in order to successfully deploy MapReduce in a Big Data environment, knowledge of Java is essential. So if you are already a Java developer then it becomes quite easy for you to write the MapReduce scripts that shall be extensively deployed on the Hadoop cluster for Big Data computational jobs.

HDFS also has the Java programming language at its core. If you have a prior expertise in Java then you can easily write the files that are in the local file system onto the HDFS through the deployment of Java programming language.

Watch this Java Programming for Beginners to learn video:

Hadoop deployment is rising with each passing day

As you are aware Hadoop is being extensively used by both small and large companies in order to make sense of all the Big Data that is being created on a regular basis. You have to remember that 90% of all data that we have today was created in the last two years alone!

60% of executives believe big data will upend their industries in 3 years – Capgemini Report

So a switch over to Hadoop will also give you a big boost in your career since now automatically you will be working in a domain that has huge upside and wider roles and responsibilities that you can assume depending on your key skill sets and interest.

It’s not just about Big Data Hadoop but about the whole ecosystem that is interconnected in multiple ways. This platform is used to organize and utilize the data that is available all across in abundant measure. For that you need the skills in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and also clear understanding of data warehousing and Java skills are much sought-after. You also need to extensively work with NoSQL database systems like HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra. Now Java powers all these various technologies and tools giving you a mighty head start in your career.

Interested in learning big data? Here is a Big Data Training offered by Intellipaat to help you get started.

Hadoop is natural career progression for Java developers

Java programming is being deployed in multiple applications and to meet varied business needs. Hadoop is a new framework for working with Big Data but it has the underpinnings of Java programming language. So for professionals working in Java the Hadoop switchover can be a natural progression.

The analytical bent of mind for any programming professional is a must-have skill for Hadoop professional. Since working with Big Data have to do a lot about analytics in order to derive valuable insights from all the petabytes of data floating around in ether. So the analytical thought process of Java developers lend itself very well to this big data framework and hence this is a logical extension for their careers too.

Java Developers make better Hadoop Developers

When you have a firm knowledge of the working of Big Data technologies and can easily program in Java language then you would be a better Hadoop developer as a direct consequence. The entire programming for its development is done by the Java programming language. So armed with expertise in Java programming you can easily start programming for the Hadoop framework and become a successful Hadoop developer.

Learn about the Major Skills required for a Hadoop Developer in this detailed blog on Hadoop Developer Skills.

When you have a Java programming background you are in a better position to understand the Hadoop framework, the various modules in Hadoop. You can easily comprehend the streaming applications of big data thanks to your extensive knowledge of Java. You will be able to write the Mapping and Reducing functions better using Java scripts. Also some advanced features are available through the Java API only.

Watch this Java video by Intellipaat:

Industry is looking for Hadoop professionals with Java skills

The aim of every professional or individual is to ensure that he/she gets the right jobs that can fully benefit from all the skill set that he/she possesses. If you look at any of the job portals or even big business enterprises who are looking for Hadoop professionals who have a firm programming skill in Java language.

It not only increases their marketability but Java programmers who are adept at Hadoop can also see their career and salaries rise without a hitch as compared to regular technology professionals who are not so adept at Java programming.

Bottom of Form

Here’s a ready reckoner for comparing how Java adds value to your Big Data skills!

  • A Hadoop Developer in New York, NY can make $140,000
  • A Java Hadoop Developer in New York, NY can command $150,000.
  • In San Francisco, CA the Average salary for a Hadoop Developer is US$ 139,000
  • A Java Hadoop Developer in San Francisco, CA can command $153,000

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Bigger Pay Packages for Hadoop professionals

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for any Java developer to move into Hadoop domain is the lucrative pay packages on offer. As a Java developer you will be counted among the rest of the developers out there but as a big data Hadoop developer you will be counted among the elite few who can work on the cutting-edge technology domain. There is a serious paucity of professionals who are experts in this domain. So it is only natural for a Java professional to move into this field for bigger opportunities, wider domain that Hadoop command and finally and the most important is the fat pay checks that you can draw as your monthly salaries. Prepare yourself for the interview with our free material on Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

Become a Big Data Architect

Opportunities to move into other lucrative fields

After you move into the Hadoop domain it is only natural that you start exploring other interesting, bigger and better opportunities. There are multiple opportunities that you can pursue once you are in the big data domain. Your Big Data skills can help you leapfrog other Java developers and move into highly demanding and high paying domains like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence among other fields. This is only possible after you move from Java to Hadoop and get the requisite experience in working in this field and use it as a springboard for taking your career to the next orbit. By the way a qualified and well experienced Data Scientist in California can make up to $300,000/- per annum!

Bottom Line

So, all these points highlight the plausibility of Java professionals switching career to Big Data Hadoop as a natural progression. Technology keeps on changing and gets upgraded and forward-thinking professionals need to keep pace with the changing times in order to grow in their careers. Moving from Java to Big Data Hadoop would be the best career decision you will make to excel in your career in present times.

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