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How to configure PyCharm Interpreter?

Configuring PyCharm Interpreter

The interpreter in PyCharm provides us the development environment for a particular programming language. Thus, the first task after creating a project is to configure PyCharm Interpreter. Before configuring the PyCharm interpreter, we will create a Python project.

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Steps to configure PyCharm interpreter

To create a new project and then configure the PyCharm interpreter, follow the below steps:

Steps 1: Go to the main menu and select File > New Project

Steps 2: Click on Create New Project

Pycharm tutorial

Once we do that, the New Project dialog box opens up.

Steps 3: In the New Project window, name the project and its location

Pycharm New Project

Now, the project has been created.

Steps 4: To configure PyCharm interpreter, go to Settings > Projects

Steps 5: Then, select our project and it will open up the following window

Pycharm interpreter

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Steps 6: Go to Project Interpreter and select the interpreter as per our need (here, we have chosen PyCharm Python interpreter for our project)

Steps 7: Then, click on Apply > Ok to save the changes

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Adding a New Interpreter

To add a new interpreter, we will follow the below-mentioned steps:

Steps 1: Click on the Setting symbol on the right corner of the Project Interpreter window, and

then, click on Add Python Interpreter to get an interpreter list

Conda Environment

Steps 2: From this interpreter list, we will select Virtualenv Environment, Conda Environment, Pipenv Environment, or System Interpreter. After selecting the environment, we can set Location and Base interpreter

Virtualenv Environment


Note: Before configuring the interpreter, make sure that we have downloaded its executable file. For example, if we are configuring a Python interpreter, then download and install Python.

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Opening Multiple Projects

PyCharm is an IDE that provides us with a feature to work on multiple projects simultaneously. The projects will run concurrently on different windows, working independently by using the same memory space of PyCharm.

Steps to open multiple projects

Here are the steps for opening multiple projects:

Steps 1: Go to the main menu and open a Project. We will get the following options:

Pycharm Project

Note: Since a project is already opened in the current window, we have to open the new project either in New Window or This Window. We can select the Attach option for adding the project to an existing project.

Steps 2: If we are choosing This Window, then a new project opens up replacing the existing project in the window

Steps 3: If we are choosing the New Window option, then the new project opens in a new window

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Renaming a Project

Below are the steps to change the name of a project:

Steps 1: Go to the project’s root folder and right-click on it

Steps 2: From the menu, go to Refactor > Rename

Steps 3: Then, a dialog box appears with two options, Rename Directory or Rename Project. If the name of the project is the same as its root folder, select the option of Rename Directory

Project renaming

PyCharm will do the renaming so that all the sources to the project directory remain valid.

Steps 4: Select the Rename Project option if the name of the project differs from its root folder’s name

Python project

Alternatively, we can go to Refactor > Rename Project from the main menu and change the name of the project or a directory. This is how we rename and refactor the project in PyCharm.

In this PyCharm Tutorial, we have learned how to configure PyCharm interpreter. Also, we have seen how to add PyCharm interpreter, open multiple projects, and renaming the projects. This is all about the configuration of PyCharm interpreter. Stay with us for more!

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