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Introduction to SAS

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What is SAS?

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is integrated system that enables us to perform statistical analysis by altering, managing and retrieving data from a variety of sources to develop a software solution.

Importance of SAS

It develop solution for enterprise wide business by performing:

  • Data Entry, Retrieval and Management
  • Report Creation and Graphics
  • Statistical and Mathematical Analysis
  • Forecasting, planning and Decision Support
  • Research and Management

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Base SAS Software

Base SAS is a programming language designed for data access, transformation and reporting. It’s core of SAS System and it includes

  • SAS Procedures (commonly know as PROC)
  • Data Step Language
  • SAS Macros
  • Output Delivery Systems (ODS)
  • ODS Graphics

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Components of SAS Language:

Basic component of SAS Language are:

  • Data Step: To create or modify datasets
  • PROC Step: To analyze and process the data in a SAS data set and to present the data in the form of a report
  • SAS Statements: SAS program consists of SAS statements, it’s important characteristics are
    • Begin with SAS Keyword
    • End with semicolon;

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SAS Installation:

Are you new to SAS? Need to install SAS on your Windows /Mac/Linux system; it’s quite easy now if you have Internet connection.
Click Here: https://www.sas.com/en_us/software/on-demand-for-academics.html and follow the instructions
SAS provide SAS Studio for free which consists of Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML, SAS/ETS and SAS/ACCESS

SAS Forums:

Here are some discussion forums for SAS:

 We do have lot of communities in LinkedIn and Facebook.

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SAS Certifications:

 SAS provide certification program for Programmers, Analytics, Data Management and Admin
For Programmers, below certifications are useful.

Course Schedule

Name Date Details
Data Science Course 20 Apr 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Data Science Course 27 Apr 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Data Science Course 04 May 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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