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Different Types of Business Analytics
Updated on 03rd Mar, 23 242 Views

This blog will be beneficial to have a deep understanding of the types of business analytics and we will know how business analytics play a vital role in the growth of an organization.

The following subjects are outlined below and will be tackled in this blog:

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What is Business Analytics?

What is Business Analytics?

Humans have moved from manual labor to machines without looking back. The digital age arrived, dispelling any last uncertainty about the destiny of humanity.

Business Analytics, machine learning, AI, deep learning, robotics, and cloud computing have changed how we look at, collect, and process information.

Business Analytics has shown itself as being present across all functions and domains which tells Business Analytics is multi-versatile, even though there are currently ongoing breakthroughs in numerous of these cutting-edge sectors.

Analytics has impacted every part of our lives. The enormous wings of analytics are dictating everything from how we select romantic partners to how we purchase toothpaste to how we live our lives.

It is the branch of Computer Science that will collect data, process it, analyze past data and represent it in pictorial form by providing various graphs to make the user interface interactive this can help the user to explore past information and can gain better insights for their respective organization.

Now, it’s time to dive deeper to know about the different types of business analytics, which we are going to discuss in this blog.

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Types of Business Analytics

The term intersection is very famous in the set theory of mathematics subject, Similarly, Business Analytics is an intersection of data science and business.

It mainly touches on quantitative techniques and evident proof data in business modeling for good decision-making skills.

In other words, it is a study of data for decision-making through business operations and statistical analysis including predictive modeling and explanatory modeling.

Let us discuss the four types of Business Analytics which are as follows:

Types of Business Analytics

Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics allows various organizations to convert data into important business decisions.

Decision Analytics consists of analytical tools, scoring models, and software apps to retrieve the data so that you can analyze the meaningful data that can help the business.

It prevents credit risk, and fraud and also manages target market offers and automated decision-making.

Decision Analytics help the various sectors of the market that directly impact the economy of the country which are banking, telecommunications, insurance, automotive, retail finance, PSU, and small business.

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Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics is another type of Business Analytics that mainly focuses on historical data with clustering,  scorecards, and reporting.

To retrieve the historic data into meaningful information we can use data mining techniques and data aggregation provided through Descriptive Analytics. 

As the term suggests, Descriptive Analytics means that the data will be analyzed in a detailed way so that a person who is working in an organization to benefit the business can approach it by having a deep understanding of the analyzed data.

Predictive Analytics

Another type of analytics is Predictive Analytics which is also termed High-Level Analytics. With this high-level analytics, we can predict future actions or we can say consequences.

The model used by this analytics is Predictive modeling which comprises machine learning, data mining, mathematical statistics, and artificial intelligence.

The working process of predictive analytics is to handle the past data which you are trying to analyze, understand the present and apply that past to the present to predict the future outcomes for the business.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics suggests decision-making by using optimization, simulation, etc. It enables various paths which will result in action by users and guide the organization toward a solution.

As the name suggests Prescriptive means the data you analyzed will be prescribed by answering the question which is “what to do next”? To get the answer for the prescribed data this type of analytics will be highly recommended.

The modeling technique used by this analytics is simulation and optimization modeling techniques to analyze and give the best outcome for future-based questions.

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Advantages of Business Analytics

There are numerous advantages of Business Analytics. Let’s see the top 10 benefits which are as follows:

Advantages of Business Analytics
  • Easy to analyze any sort of data, whether it is a big or small dataset.
  • It provides Automatic Forecasting techniques that can be used in weather forecasting.
  • This technology provides data mining features in desktop mode.
  • It distributes valuable insights to the right person.
  • Works on time complexity as it simplifies the data complexity of code.
  • It also works to save time for the organization.
  • It mainly focuses on reducing the cost factor and providing service at a cheap rate.
  • Another feature of this analytics is it gives flexibility and a choice of tools so that users easily analyze the data for the respective datasets or case studies.
  • It provides rapid analytic applications to fasten the working process and save precious time.
  • It also works with cyber technology to reduce piracy and fraud risks.

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Business Analytics is a booming technology as per the current scenario. As the number of organizations and industries is increasing day by day, the need for business technology is getting higher.

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It is an important key to opening the profit door which results in the growth of an organization. Furthermore, it is very much supportive to improve trustworthy forecasts and to take the best business decisions for all types of organizations.

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