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Amazon Aurora was designed to overcome performance, availability and scalability limitations of traditional database systems. In  this Amazon Aurora tutorial, you will learn what is Amazon Aurora, benefits of using Aurora, AWS aurora pricing and more.

The topics which we will in this AWS Aurora tutorial  are given below:

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What is Amazon Aurora in AWS?

Amazon provides various Database Services, and AWS Aurora is one of them. But what is Amazon Aurora and why is it used? Well, AWS Aurora is a relational database engine which provides the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of an open source database combined with the power, performance, and reliability of a high-end commercial database.

When MySQL and PostgreSQL is available, what is the use of AWS Aurora?

Aurora provides performances five times than a traditional MySQL database and 3 times than a PostgreSQL. Amazon RDS manages your tasks like provisioning, backup, recovery for you. Also, you only pay a monthly charge, there is no upfront cost.

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Also, AWS Aurora is compatible with all the versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL. Let us look into it.

MySQL Compatibility on Amazon Aurora

MySQL Compatible

MySQL compatibility means that the applications, drivers, code, tools and features which you use in your MySQL databases today are already available in Amazon Aurora with little or no change. Certain features of MySQL like MyISAM storage engine is not available. The version 5.6 and 5.7 of MySQL is both available with Amazon Aurora.

PostgreSQL Compatibility on Amazon Aurora

The same goes here as the MySQL compatible Aurora. The code, drivers, applications, tools, and features that PostgreSQL provide is already available with Aurora with little or no change. PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10 is available with  Aurora and using it’s extensions you can establish connections between them and move databases across the Aurora and your local engine.

But to connect and configure an Aurora relational database?

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To configure the Aurora relational database, you just have to follow the same steps as the hands-on in the Amazon RDS blog but you just have to change the database engine to Aurora.

There is no free tier eligibility for Aurora right now like the other RDS engines. Because Aurora does not provide micro instances.

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Benefits of Amazon Aurora

Now that you understand what is Amazon Aurora and what is the use of Aurora, let’s discuss the benefits of Aurora. The benefits of Aurora remain the same for both MySQL compatible and PostgreSQL compatible.

Benefits of aurora - what is amazon aurora

1. Scalability

    • Autoscaling feature can be enabled. Whenever your storage needs are increasing, it will automatically increase your database size and decreases the size when there is a major decrease in need for storage space.

    2. Cost-Effective

    • You only pay for the storage space, and processing power you use. There is no upfront costs and other costs. It is just simple monthly payments.

    3. Security

    • You can isolate your network where your database is running using Amazon VPC.
    • Usage of AWS Key management service to create encryption keys for protecting your data

    4. High Availability and Durability

    • Replicas of your Aurora can be created in multiple Availability zones.
    • It is a global database which can be distributed across multiple AWS regions which could reduce the local read/write speed.

    5. Migration Support

    • You can use pg-dump and mysql dump commands to migrate your local database into Aurora

    6. Fully Managed

    • Very easy to start with Aurora. You just have to start an instance with AWS RDS console or call a API in your code.
    • Aurora provides monitoring using Amazon Cloudwatch for no additional cost.
    • You do not need to worry about updating, upgrading, or provisioning. Everything is under Amazon’s control and they do all the software patching when required.

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AWS Aurora Pricing

The prices of any Amazon service will vary according to its geographic region. Let us consider the region as North Virginia to check the AWS Aurora pricing.

MySQL PostgreSQL
Smallest Instance – db.t3.small $0.041 Not available
Largest Instance – db.r4.16xlarge $9.28 $9.28
Database Storage $0.10 per GB-month
Backup Storage $0.021 per GB-month

Hope this tutorial on What is Amazon Aurora helps! In case you want to learn about other Amazon Databases, refer to our Amazon Databases Services tutorial that will give you a brief understanding of all major Database services provided by Amazon Web Services.

If you have any doubts or queries related to AWS, do post on AWS Community.

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