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Could someone tell me how to prepare for Google Cloud Platform certification?

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Google Cloud Platform is one of the three big giants in cloud space. It provides certifications for Associate, Professional, and user level.

Various certifications provided by GCP are:

Associate level: Cloud Engineer

Professional level: 

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer, etc.
  1. If you want to pursue a career as Cloud Architect then I recommend you join the Google Cloud certification course from Intellipaat!
  2. Also, check out our Blog article on Google Cloud to get much more information on GCP. To go for Cloud Architect certification, you must have 3+ years’ experience plus 1-year in working with GCP as pre-requisites.
  3. Once you enroll in the Intellipaat course you gain enough hands-on experience by doing industry-based projects, which will work your way in acing the certification.

Check out our expert video on GCP fundamentals.

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