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Kafka for Beginners

Kafka tutorials covers Introducing Kafka, Definition, Installation of Kafka, Use cases, Ecosystem, Version Updating, Application Programming Interface, Configuration, Operation, Basic Kafka operations, Datacenters, Import configuration, Java version, Hardware and operating system, Monitoring, Conclusion

Learn Kafka in 6 hrs from experts

Read below to find out why Kafka has gained impetus in such a short span of time since its inception:

  • Widely known for its speed, i.e., 2 million writes per second with zero downtime and zero loss
  • Balances the load by storing more than one partition
  • Able to gather logs from multiple sources and convert them in a standard format.

Kafka versus Storm

Despite both these technologies work together, however their operations are slightly different in nature.

Let’s compare Kafka and Storm:

Apache KafkaApache Storm
distributed pub-sub real-time messaging systemdistributed real-time computation engine
processes messages at scaleprocesses unbounded streams of data
Useful when processing and analyzing data in real-timeUseful in transforming data in multiple stages
Become Kafka Certified in 6 hrs.

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Kafka Tutorial Video

Table of Content


What is Kafka?

An apache project initially developed at Linkedin. Distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. Mostly the real time actions are operated using it such as metrics collections, logs etc Written in Scala. Supports both queue and Topic semantics. Watch this Kafka video [videothumb class="col-md-12" id="2z6scTH_C4c" alt="Kafka Spark Streaming" title="Kafka Spark Streaming"] Kafka is a  technology used for massage services, but Read More

Installation Steps

Steps to install Kafka

Download the link for Kafka source – and then: tar xzf Kafka-0.8.0-src.tgz Enter the directory and run the commands: sudo ./sbt update sudo ./sbt package To start the Zookeeper server, run (in the directory) bin/ Now start the Kafka server, run (in the directory) bin/ config/ Create a Topic of publishing messages, bin/ –zookeeper Read More

The Working Procedure

How does Kafka works?

The Kafka system is run by different components and all the components performs  their individual tasks which are then communicated using the Simple binary Application Programming Interface. The complete whole procedure of running the Kafka needs different servers to operate and each server is called as the broker The messages in Kafka are needed to be Read More

Uses of Kafka

Kafka Use Cases

Messaging: Kafka works best on messaging . Since it is the primary  work  of Kafka.  The servers of Kafka known as brokers are best in buffering the messages which are yet to be published and also to start the processing at the consumers by ending it in the producers. It is proficient in transferring the  message of Read More


Kafka Architecture and Ecosystem

The Kafka system works integrating other tools like Hadoop, Spark, etc. Creating a complete filled Eco system. Read these Top Trending kafka Interview Q's now that helps you grab high-paying jobs !Read More


Different Versions of Kafka

Updating from 0.7 Release 0.7 is incompatible with newer releases. Most important changes were made to the API and ZooKeeper to add replication.The update from 0.7 to later versions requires a special tool for relocation. This relocation can be done without downtime. Read these Top Trending Kafka Interview Q's now that helps you grab high-paying jobs ! Updating from Read More

Application Programming Interface

Kafka API

Software applications are best assembled by the APIs. The communication of the software commodities happens on this platform. Few Examples Google Maps API, Programmable Web, YouTube APIs,Amazon Product Advertising APIs are some examples of APIs.Read More

Kafka Configuration

Kafka Configuration Types

By using the property file the Kafka makes its configuration. It can be supplied either from a file or programmatically. It is either taken from a default file or else also can be self-programmed. Read these Top Trending Kafka Interview Q's now that helps you grab high-paying jobs ! Some configurations have both a default global setting as well as Read More

Operations of KAFKA

Basic Operations of Kafka

In this section, we will be providing  discussions about the basic operations of Kafka as follows: The Addition and Deletion of Topics We can add and delete Topics both automatically and manually. For the addition, the command will be > bin/ --zookeeper zk_host:port/chroot --create --Topic my_Topic_name --partitions 20 --replication-factor 3 --config x=y The messages  that are Read More


Hardware Requirement for Kafka

Kafka uses 24 Giga bytes memory for dual quad-core machines.Memory need can be calculated using the command write_throughput*30.  We need a lot of memory for buffering active readers and writers. So keeping a backup of every bit of memory is very much essential. This tool runs on Unix, Linux as well as in Solaris. Since Kafka Read More


How to monitor Kafka?

Yammer Metrics is used for reporting purposes between the brokers and the clients. Description Value No of under replicated partitions 0 It means that the server is on active control Only one server is 1 Leader election rate (LER) Server failure not 0 Unclean LER 0 Partition counts Mostly even near servers Leader replica counts Mostly Read More


Conclusion on Kafka Tutorials

The final result of the  performance of this Kafka system totally depends on how much accuracy occurs in data delivery. The performance depends on the delivery of every message to its consumer correctly, on time without more lag of time. The message delivery has to be done at a perfect time and if not received within Read More


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