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Different Versions of Kafka

Updating from 0.7

Release 0.7 is incompatible with newer releases. Most important changes were made to the API and ZooKeeper to add replication.The update from 0.7 to later versions requires a special tool for relocation. This relocation can be done without downtime.

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Updating from 0.8.0 to 0.8.1

0.8.1 is fully compatible with 0.8. The next version can be done one broker at a time by simply bringing it down, updating the code, and restarting it.

Version Updating

The updated version of Kafka i.e. has got a lot of positive changes.

Latest version of Kafka:

Advantageous changes in

  • Java 1.6 is not supported long time.
  • Scala 2.9 is also not supported long time.
  • The server configuration is consequent.
  • No more configuration parameter present.
  • Its replica refers to the time last updated
  • Key less messages will quit, hence security has increased.
  • All logging messages will be lighter now
  • The larger Ids are automatically allocated server IDs

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