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OBIEE tutorial for beginners

This introduction to OBIEE free tutorial is helpful for beginners to learn the various components of OBIEE, creating, editing, maintain objects in presentation layer of OBIEE repository, Oracle fusion middleware and more. This tutorial also includes use cases, practical applications to help you learn this top business intelligence tool.Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is a popular and comprehensive BI tool to deliver a full range of data analysis and present reports using a unified, contemporary and scalable architecture. OBIEE has the excellent abilities for reporting, analysis, ad hoc query, Online Analysis Processing  (OLAP), dashboards and scorecards.

Learn OBIEE in 10 hrs from experts

Why do enterprises prefer and trust OBIEE even though we have several other efficient and effective BI tools and suites? You must know that OBIEE gives immense ease to operate and implement it via web-based interactive workspaces, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, mobile devices and Microsoft Office applications. Moreover, the hierarchy drilling feature of this tool is yet another remarkable service making it a widely-used choice of enterprises. Graphical reporting and global support and development capabilities serve as a cherry on the cake both for consumers/clients and business groups.

Following points will better explain you the importance of OBIEE:

  • Allows creating new deductions or altering existing ones without IT assistance
  • Just-in-time data updating within third-party vendors, like Microsoft applications
  • Maps and spatial visualizations allow monitoring the analytics.

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OBIEE vs Tableau

Similar to OBIEE, Tableau is another business intelligence tool that allows visualizing the data. However there are certain cases when OBIEE outperforms Tableau. Read below to find out:

OBIEE Tableau
More stable Less stable
Enterprise-wide solution Point solution
Writeback feature supported Writeback feature not supported
Auditing done on reports Trial and Testing done on reports

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If you are looking to remove redundancy in report generation and save your time in applying the data analysis and report creation techniques, this business intelligence platform is the right fit and thus, important to learn and master. We have developed a technically-rich OBIEE interview questions to assist the Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Developers and let them enhance their skill set. Well-explained using illustrations, you can take a quick tour and gain understanding of several core functionalities and processes used in BI and then apply them to your live data analytics projects and assignments.

OBIEE Tutorial Video

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Key Learning 

Gratifying the business requirements and promoting faster business decisions, this OBIEE tutorial is designed to train you on basics, intermediate-level and advanced concepts serving the larger audiences. Each topic is described in detail window by window and using various real-time examples, which is certainly going to help you implement OBIEE processes in your organizational projects.

  • You will learn to use SQL analytic functions – the native Oracle features that you can use immediately after database installation
  • The tutorial further explains multidimensional data analysis using SQL through step-by-step process, which includes creating schema, populating tables and receive the respective query results
  • Launching SQLPlus and Discovered Administrator and exploring the Discoverer Plus IDE.
  • Next is analyzing data and learning how to create Region Parameter
  • Exceeding your expectations, this learning package facilitates pivoting through data, i.e. creating crosstab worksheet in Discoverer Plus and creating calculations
  • You will also be able to customize the worksheet layout by using various OBIEE services
  • Next is drilling down and drilling up the data and worksheet items to summarize it at a higher level
  • Later in this tutorial, you will be able to perform advanced analysis on worksheets by entering dynamic input values and thus, creating effective reports. 

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This Intellipaat OBIEE online training video will better equip you with understanding OBIEE basics.

Recommended Audience

  • Business Intelligence Professionals and ETL Developers
  • Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, SQL Developers
  • Professionals aspiring to become Business Object Professionals and Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Entry-level trainees who want to build their careers in Analytics and Business Intelligence


  • Basic knowledge of SQL and database will be beneficial while learning this tutorial. 


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