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Qlikview Tutorial – Learn from experts

A recent news got the attention that says “QlikView Advances Quality Improvement and Outcomes Reporting at Texas Children’s Hospital.” The expeditious increase in large amounts of structured and unstructured data has led to an urgent increase in the number of experts who can not only visualize it but present data based anecdotes to consumers. According to several hiring reports generated by organizations every year, data visualization is a key skill and science in demand. This free practical oriented tutorial including QlikView use cases will help you create compelling data stories. Intellipaat provides the industry oriented QlikView online training to help you in your career.

Learn QlikView in 22 hrs from experts

QlikView is the swiftest growing BI and data visualization tool, which is quick-to-deploy, easy-to-learn and perfect to get started with data visualization. While the first step with data includes collection and extraction, disposing that data to executive level and presenting it to consumers for long-term profitability is equally significant in the industry. QlikView facilitates in-memory platform to perform faster data discovery and take business decisions that are reliable, viable and display data through interactive reports and visuals. Get the QlikView training for mastering one of the best business intelligence and analytics tools available today.  QlikView brings into existence a completely new platform to analyze data using clean, simple and precise interfaces. The best part is QlickView is flexible enough such that it allows users to view their own segment of underlying data.

Qlikview Tutorial Video

Unique features of Qlikview

Qlikview can easily generate attractive and advanced reports using its unique features. What are those key highlights of this technology? Read below:

Unique characteristics Description
Automatic data association Automatically recognizes the relation between data
speed In-memory storage allows quick access and faster calculations
Data compression Compresses data up to 10% of the original size

Following points will give you an in-depth view about Qlikview:

  • Qlikview brings the structure along with the content of the web file using a URL
  • Ability to use the data from the plain text file where the data is separated by special characters
  • Stores the outputs in the memory for future reference and analysis
  • Capable of loading the data from RAM which is already processed

Here, we have the aim to navigate you to learning QlikView in detail. We have designed this tutorial to impart basic and advanced concepts of this in-demand BI tool to all those who are new to this framework and want to gain a quick understanding. It covers easy yet comprehensive descriptions of how to implement QlikView processes on your data and perform accurate visualizations in the organization.

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This blog will help you get a better understanding of QlikView: Another Thrilling Tool for Rewarding Business Intelligence!

From introduction to creating a document to understanding various components like sheets, boxes, charts and tables to gaining insights into its advanced features, this tutorial is a complete learning kit that will help you know QlikView better through real-time examples. You can also learn various important properties of boxes, objects and documents that will help you while implementing them in real projects.

Before learning to create the bar charts and documents, the tutorial provides you their basic definitions and when and where they are used. It will give you a collaborative experience by letting you implement everything there and then on your system. You can then enrich and enhance your basic knowledge by browsing through our QlikView Visualization Developer and QlikView Server Administration training courses. There are some meritorious combo professional training courses of QlikView with other BI tools like Spotfire and Tableau.

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Become QlikView Certified in 22 hrs.


As per recent job reports, QlikView has shown remarkable progress in the last five years as the number of jobs for developers having good command over this tool has greatly increased. With this tutorial and related training courses, you can create expert data graphs, reports, and documents and take your career to the next level in every industry.

Learn about these QlikView interview questions to better understand this top business intelligence tool.

Recommended Audience

  • Software Developers and IT Architects
  • Designers and Business Reporting Professionals
  • Analytics and Testing Professionals
  • Entry-level developers and advanced data professionals eager to build career in Visualization and Analytics


  • Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are required to have basic SQL knowledge and Database and data warehousing concepts

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  1. Sneha says:

    Great to learn as a beginner and then deep dive into concepts of Qlikview. The content is very informative and I learned a lot.

  2. Colin says:

    First of all thanks a lot for sharing nice tutorial. I started learning Qlikview 1 week back . Your tutorials really helped me a lot.

  3. Santosh Mehra says:

    Good work..I feel that it’s going to help a lot of people to learn QlikView.

  4. Manju says:

    Extremely valuable, helpful and pertain-ant tutorial.

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