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QlikView Tutorial


In this QlikView tutorial you will learn QlikView from the basics and understand why it is such a transformational business discovery and data visualization tool. QlikView is extremely powerful when it comes to visually analyzing and drawing relationships from data. It performs in-memory data processing and generates powerful reports. QlikView can read from multiple sources of data including relational databases and flat files. It offers deep insights into the data for businesses and provides some powerful advanced analytical features as well.

Recommended Audience

This QlikView tutorial is recommended to all those who want to learn QlikView and get ahead in their careers. Software developers, Business Intelligence professionals, business analysts, IT architects, data scientists and data analysts can benefit from this QlikView tutorial.

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There are no prerequisites to learn QlikView from this QlikView tutorial.

What is QlikView?

First let us compare QlikView with another business intelligence tool Tableau in this table:

Comparison criteria QlikView Tableau
Implementation time Very Fast Fast
Scalability Limited by RAM Good
Support for Big Data Good Very Good
Visual Drilldown Excellent Good

QlikView is the top business intelligence tool used for converting raw data into knowledge. It is extensively used for consolidating, searching and visually analyzing data and converting it into valuable business insights. QlikView offers endless possibilities when it comes to using ad hoc queries and facilitating quick decision-making based on easily accessible information.

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Why is QlikView so widely used?

QlikView is being deployed by organizations for deriving fast insights from data.  It brings a whole new level of analytical insights into the data stores with interfaces that are extremely user-friendly. QlikView finds the connection between data, relationships and also conducts direct and indirect searches across all data. QlikView is powered by the in-memory computing technology. QlikView is extremely fast and efficient thanks to it being able to overcome the limitations of traditional disk and query-based BI tools. With QlikView you don’t need to use multiple dashboards, reports and analysis as it takes a consolidated approach. You don’t need to stage the data or store it in intermediary formats like cubes and data warehouses thus allowing QlikView to pull data extremely fast. It efficiently integrates the back-end analytic engine with front-end user interface. It also offers associative search to help businesses view only the data that matters to them.

Features of QlikView

Here we list some of the top features of QlikView.

  • It instantly manipulates the data sets using in-memory manipulations
  • The hardware requirements are completely economical
  • It has fast and powerful visualization capabilities
  • Even non-technical users can work with ease with this tool
  • It offers instant response and is highly scalable
  • It offers unlimited dimensions and measures which makes it very flexible

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Applications of QlikView

Here in this section of the QlikView tutorial we list some of the important applications of QlikView.

  • Analyzing revenue data based on various filters for a large multinational corporation
  • Creating a detailed visualization report based on social media response from customers segregated by location
  • Taking decisions based on predicting the cause and effect with diagrams on top of historic data
  • Blending data coming from disparate sources to visualize how a recent marketing campaign for a business is faring.

Why should you learn QlikView?

QlikView is one of the best tools that is available for visualizing data and creating insightful reports, charts and dashboards. Due to the sheer speed and simplicity with which QlikView accomplishes this, there is a huge interest from organizations to switch to QlikView from their traditional BI reporting tools. Due to this the demand for qualified QlikView professionals is high with salaries on offer being the best in the business intelligence and analytics industry. All these reasons should be a motivation for you to learn QlikView and get ahead in your career.

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"4 Responses on QlikView Tutorial"

  1. Sneha says:

    Great to learn as a beginner and then deep dive into concepts of Qlikview. The content is very informative and I learned a lot.

  2. Colin says:

    First of all thanks a lot for sharing nice tutorial. I started learning Qlikview 1 week back . Your tutorials really helped me a lot.

  3. Santosh Mehra says:

    Good work..I feel that it’s going to help a lot of people to learn QlikView.

  4. Manju says:

    Extremely valuable, helpful and pertain-ant tutorial.

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