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8 Ways Deep Learning is Taking Over Our World!
Updated on 02nd Mar, 23 2575 Views

Artificial Intelligence Course is the new skill in town and most of the biggest companies in the world are deeply invested in it. So this leaves the rest of the organizations to jump on the bandwagon before it becomes a commonplace thing like the Internet, Cloud, and other revolutionary technologies.

Deep Learning is a set of skills that essentially works on making the machines to come to a different level of understanding our world better and take on tasks that was hitherto reserved only for the human mind. Deep Learning is the leading edge of Machine Learning and it involves modeling the machines on the basis of the human mind which as researchers would agree is the most complex object in the known universe.

So here are some of the applications of Deep Learning and its implications:

  • Online Search and Recommendations Engine
  • Healthcare and Medical Research Field
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition
  • Self-driving Automobiles
  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance
  • Data, Network & Cyber-security
  • Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Watch this Deep Learning video by Intellipaat:

Online Search and Recommendation Engines:

One of the biggest players in the Deep Learning arena is the world’s biggest company Alphabet or Google to be more specific. Google extensively deploys deep learning algorithms in its day-to-day searches that are being used by billions across the globe without any respite. Along with Google, another tech giant Amazon is also extensively deploying machine learning in its applications in order to get a better understanding of its customers from around the globe and recommend them better products and personalize it according to their tastes, budget, demographics, location and other such important criteria.

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Healthcare and Medical Research Field:

This is one of the biggest domains for deep learning currently since healthcare and medical research around the world had been plagued by some very pressing issues over the decades and suddenly there seems to light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Deep Learning. From analyzing the likely symptoms of serious diseases, to mapping the human genome for better medical care, Deep Learning can help us in shedding light to age-old problems and come up with brilliant solutions. There is a huge amount of data that needs to be processed, go through a complex learning process in order to come up with inferences, predictions, analysis and conclusions; some of the tasks that perfectly fit into the domain of Deep Learning.

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Chatbots and Virtual Assistants:

We are already seeing the rise of the chatbots catering to almost every business in today’s world. But this is going to be taken to another level all thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. This will definitely help organizations to bring in renewed efficiency, automatization, accountability, speed and all the other virtues of a good chat application.

The best part of these chatbots is that they will completely replace humans since they will know the nuances of human language through Natural Language Processing, will be able to connect and implement most services through cloud and connected systems thus making them stand on their own. Thus they are completely useful.

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Natural Language Processing and Image recognition:

The machines are already doing a fantastic job of understanding the quirky ways of humans when they communicate and express themselves. This has helped to automate a lot of processes that are repetitive and mundane but until now needed human intervention. These could be the various roles in the customer service departments in enterprises and more. Deep Learning can decipher human language when we speak to the bots through the car navigation system, when we want to search the internet through voice, command our home automation system to do certain tasks by speaking to the machine, and so on. Also, Deep Learning is very good at image recognition which is being extensively deployed by online giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google in order to tag images, objects, and locations in photos uploaded by people and make it more indexable, searchable, and thus more valuable.

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Self-driving Automobiles:

This is perhaps one of the domains that is more in the news thanks to the machines taking over the task of driving automobiles on our roads. A lot of research and money is being spent by leading corporations like Google and the ilk in order to teach the Deep Learning systems with the right training data so that one day they can successfully take over our roads and help us reduce driving fatigue, alleviate traffic congestion and make our roads much safer all at the same time. For this, the machines need to be extremely intelligent, and agile and make the right split-second decisions and the various scenarios that it can encounter can be mind-boggling, to say the least. Nonetheless, Google and others have already developed the prototypes and they are all set to invade our world in the not-so-distant future.

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Banking, Finance and Insurance:

This is another domain where Deep Learning can have a huge role to play. The world of finance like the New York Stock Exchange generates huge amounts of data and due to this making sense of it all is beyond the purview of humans. Deep Learning can help financial institutions to find out more about the party that is applying for a loan, choose the right interest rate, tenure and attach such other conditions so that the loan defaults can be prevented. Business process and business model overview of those applying for a business loan and so on can be understood through Deep Learning models. Insurance companies can understand more about the various risks that come with the territory like finding out reckless driving habits among those applying for auto insurance.

Watch this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners video

Data, Network & Cyber security:

As the amount of data is growing at an unprecedented level, so is our online presence and network. Due to this there are enormous problems that are cropping up that threaten our enterprise and personal data, breaches online so called secure networks and poses a huge risk to the entire cyber security infrastructure. Deep learning can definitely help in order to make sense of the complex web of online world and come up with predictive and preventive measures in order to ensure our online world is safe from malicious intent.

There are complex patterns that some of the most menacing cyber-attacks follow which is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. The data is too large, the methodology is highly transitory and signs are very subtle. But Deep Learning can tread where the human mind cannot. Once fed with enough training data on the various ways in which our cyber existence comes under threat, the Deep Learning systems can take over and take the right actions at the right time to preclude any such disastrous consequences.

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Digital Marketing and Customer Acquisition:

In the age of the internet, social networks, smartphones, and more there is a big opportunity that is untapped when it comes to digital marketing and customer acquisition. Savvy marketers are taking cognizance of this and deploying the right strategy through extreme Deep Learning models in order to understand the customer sales lifecycle. Every step of the journey that a customer takes before making the final purchase decision is being mapped, and fed the intelligence machines in order to come up with steps and processes that can optimize the marketing campaigns, improve the return on investment on the marketing dollar, and tailor-make products and services to the individual customers based on his/her quirky likes and dislikes.

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