A guide to clear Tableau Desktop and Server certification

A guide to clear Tableau Desktop and Server certification
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With the compressed timelines and increased speed of data emerging from various digital mediums, the need for a good business intelligence becomes imminent. There are numerous BI tools available in the market however Tableau has set a benchmark by staying ahead of its competitors. Named as the leader for the fifth consecutive year by Gartner’s magic Quadrant this technology has become a must-have for top-notch firms across the globe. Therefore for any aspirant wanting to make it big in this domain must have a sound knowledge on Tableau along with a certification to showcase the expertise.

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Basically Tableau offers two types of certification –

Tableau certification Description
Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam Tests the ability of the candidate to connecting, organizing and simplifying, calculating, creating charts and graphs, etc.
Tableau Server Qualified Associate Exam The required skills are installing, adding users, administering, troubleshooting, etc.

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam

This exam is suitable for people who have sound knowledge in the fundamentals of Tableau desktop and experience of more than five months in its implementation.

Time limit- 2 hrs

Total number of questions- 36

Qualifying score- 75%

Certification pre-requisites- before taking up the test the candidate should make sure that he is able to perform following activities-

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  • Connecting data- The candidate must be able to connect to Tableau server, cache external query, perform parallel aggregation, execute parallel query, use data preparation, etc.
  • Simplifying and organizing data- The candidate is expected to perform certain functions like filtering, sorting, grouping, etc., on the available data.
  • Creating charts and graphs- Being a BI tool, the candidate must be able to create various interactive charts and graphs such as histograms, heat maps, tree maps, bullet maps, bar charts, pareto charts, etc., using this tool.
  • Calculating- Creating graphs and charts requires calculating the available data to reach the conclusion. Hence a candidate taking the Tableau Desktop Associate Certification test must have a good grasp of table calculations, date and time calculations, arithmetic and logical calculations, etc.
  • Mapping- Tableau consists of numerous functions which come under the purview of mapping. The individual willing to become a Tableau certified Desktop must have a good understanding about filtering, map layering, custom geocoding, geographic search, etc.
  • Analytics- In order to get a good score in this test the applicant must be well-acquainted with reference lines, trend lines, models, box plot, forecasting, etc.
  • Dashboards- Dashboards are one of the most important features of Tableau software and hence a candidate cannot score well if he does not possess the knowledge about publishing and sharing reports, building dashboards, drilling down the reports, etc.

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Tableau Server Qualified Associate exam

This certification is suitable for aspirants wanting to become a Tableau administrator or consultant. The professionals having a good knowledge about the ins and outs of Tableau server and a working experience of more than five months in the same.

Time limit- 90 minutes

Total number of questions- 80

Qualifying score- 75%

Certification pre-requisites- Ā Before taking up this test the applicant must make sure that he has following skills-

  • Topology and version- The candidate must be fully aware of the client and server components, version of Tableau server, minimum hardware and software requirements for deploying Tableau server.
  • Installing and configuring- The applicant must be well-acquainted with the installation and configuration basics such as gateway port, guest account, kerberos, SSL, etc. 30% of the questions will be based on these concepts.
  • Administering the Tableau server- Around 30% of the question revolve around the administration of Tableau server. Some of the core skills that one needs to qualify with a good score are maintaining data connections, creating schedules, performing sever analysis, adding/removing/deactivate the users, handling log files, etc.
    Troubleshooting the errors- This is another important concept that forms around 13% of the entire question paper. Some of the basic a professional must have are resetting the passwords, running the functions as the user, handling cookies, using maintenance analysis reports, etc.
  • Upgrading the system- Another aspects with which the candidate should be familiar is upgrading the system, migrating hardware, clean reinstalling, etc.

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Why should you go for Tableau certifications?

With the increase in usage of business intelligence tools, the number of aspirants wanting to build career in this domain has also gone higher. However the companies prefer those candidates who have sound knowledge and experience in handling particular technologies. Tableau has gained immense popularity in the domain of business intelligence and hence getting a Tableau certification will be a feather in the cap. Therefore achieving these certifications is an assurance of definite success. Intellipaat offers an online training on Tableau Desktop and Server that is perfectly in-line with the aforementioned certifications to help you achieve success in one shot.

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