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Classification, development, and representation of data and the decisions while making them outcomes under a single process known as data analysis. Every trade including small to big includes data analytics today. Microsoft Excel allows data analytics to analyze Big data in simpler and easier ways. In this article of mine, I will be sharing with you a few points on how excel will help in data analysis tasks.

Data Gathering

Excel provides the facility of gathering information about any specific subject you put as input. When applied to any vehicle, it will find out the capacity and fuel tank size and automatically tells us when it is full and when it is empty.

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Filtration And Presentation

You can analyze your data in a very good way when you use excel. Sorting of your data in both ascending and descending order in excel is very simple. You can do it automatically. Even sorting the data in rows or columns in excel is much easier. Filtration of all the input data can be done very easily. Excel has got another special quality called conditional formatting. Highlighting cells with different colors according to the different values of the data in each different cell is possible by using excel while playing with data. Arranging all the numbers in an excel chart gives a better presentation. Designing the numbers in an excel chart is very easy. Extracting data from a large set of data is tough. But doing the same from the data when arranged in the pivot table is much easier. Tables allow us to analyze our data in Excel quite faster and easier way. We can try out different equations, formulas, and expressions for working and analyzing data in Excel.

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Decision Maker

Any decision problems on analyzing the data in excel are assisted by a special decision-making tool named as the solver. The toughest part in data analysis is taking decisions and this can be very easily solved when excel is included for your data analysis work. You can analyze any data belonging to different fields like engineering, statistics and also business data. Using the Analysis ToolPak in Excel.

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When you have Excel for analyzing your data, you do not need to worry about any other heavy and sophisticated tool to be added for analyzing the data. You can give the 80 percent of your data analysis tool to your excel. So for that make sure that it is installed properly.  Make sure the Excel is installed correctly.  The best thing about data analysis is that it does multitasking.  Excel provides a large number of descriptive that gives descriptions of your data.  In case you want a fast general idea of the score variable, then descriptive statistics tool is the best option. You can take it from the data analysis tool from the data table.  Just select the lines including rows and columns that contain the score and then check the summary. Finding out the sum, total, mean and median are very much easy and accurate using the excel for data analysis.  It gives values approximately true and you do not have to worry about the problems for calculation and the long time it takes.


Learning and tracking the size and values of the variables of your data is simple while using the correlation matrix in the excel. It is a pre-action that should be operated on your data and prior to the decay. A variable whose value comes between -1 and 1 calculates the correlation value and it is called as the Pearson’s R. Same like selecting the descriptive tool, follow the same procedure while selecting the correlations also.

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Few points about excel that we need to know:

  • Your information on which you are going to work on excel should be of numeric value.
  • We should never keep any empty cells.
  • In excel, few features assist us in foreseeing other features.

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During failure the strong variables help foresee the weaker variables. Excel determines which variable is weaker and which is stronger. We will get an accuracy of at least a 95 percent true. You can fit the data into the excel sheet and view them as rows and columns according to your choice. For that, you just need to drag and drop the categories to the columns and the quarters to the rows.

In this article, I have mentioned few points how Microsoft excel can reduce our work pressure while working with data. In case if anyone has got some more data please do share us by commenting in the box given below.

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