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What is Amazon Kinesis Data Streams?

What is Amazon Kinesis Data Streams?

AWS Kinesis allows you to process and analyze data as it arrives and respond instantaneously, rather than having to wait for all of your data to be collected before you can begin processing.

For machine learning, analytics, and other applications, you may use Amazon Kinesis to ingest real-time data like video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data.

In this article, we will be discussing the following terms related to AWS Kinesis:

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Amazon Kinesis Components

Let’s talk about 4 major AWS Kinesis Components:

Amazon Kinesis Video Stream:

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams enables customers to securely stream movies from AWS-connected devices for machine learning (ML), analytics, playback, and other processing purposes. Kinesis Video Streams automatically provision and elastically scale all infrastructure required to ingest streaming video data from different devices.

Kinesis Video Streams provides access to video data with simple APIs while securely encrypting, indexing, storing, and storing the data in streams. It also aid in the processing and storage of media, as well as the recording of streams for analytics, machine learning, and playback.

Amazon Kinesis Video Stream


  • Stream video from millions of devices: Amazon Kinesis Video Streams SDKs enable devices to securely stream media to Amazon Web Services for playback, storage, analytics, machine learning, and other processing.

Data from edge devices, cellphones, security cameras, and other data sources including RADARs, LIDARs, drones, satellites, dash cams, and depth sensors can all be processed by Kinesis Video Streams.

  • Playback live and recorded video streams: The Kinesis Video Streams HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) feature makes it simple to transmit live and pre recorded content from your Kinesis video streams to any browser or mobile application.
  • Build a real-time vision and video-enabled applications:  By integrating Amazon Rekognition Video, it is simple to create apps using real-time computer vision capabilities. Famous open-source machine learning frameworks can also be used to create applications featuring real-time video analytics capabilities.
  • Secure: Amazon Kinesis Video Streams lets you manage access to your streams with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). It protects your data by encrypting it at rest using AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and also in transit with the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Kinesis Data Streams can be used for continuous and quick data intake & aggregation. Data from social media, market data feeds, IT infrastructure logs, application logs, and web clickstreams are a few examples of the types of data that can be used. Because the response time for data intake and processing occurs in real-time, overall processing is often lightweight.

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Few use cases for Kinesis Data Streams include:

Real-time metrics and reporting – Data gathered in Kinesis Data Streams can be used for easy real-time data analysis and reporting. For eg., Instead of waiting for batches of data to arrive, your data-processing application can work on metrics and report for system and application logs as the data is flowing in.

Real-time data analytics – Through this, real-time data and the strength of parallel processing are combined. You could, for instance, use several consecutive Kinesis Data Streams applications to process website clickstreams in real-time and subsequently assess user engagement with the site.

Accelerated log and data feed intake and processing – Producers can immediately push data into a stream. Push system and application logs, for example, and they will be ready for processing in seconds. By doing this, the log data is kept intact even if the front end or application servers crash. Because you do not batch the data on the servers before submitting it for intake, Kinesis Data Streams delivers quicker data feed intake.

Complex stream processing – Kinesis Data Streams apps and data streams can be used to generate Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). This often involves transferring data from numerous Kinesis Data Streams applications into another stream for processing by a different Kinesis Data Streams application.

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Benefits of Using Kinesis Data Streams:

  • Easy to use: Kinesis stream can be created within seconds. You can quickly add data to your Kinesis stream and create Kinesis Applications to process it with the Kinesis Producer Library (KPL) and Kinesis Client Library (KCL).
  • Reliable: Amazon Kinesis Data Streams synchronously duplicates your streaming data across many facilities in an Amazon Web Services China Region and stores it for up to 365 days, preventing data loss in the event of app failure, machine failure, or facility failure.
  • Low-cost – You simply pay for resources you use with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams; there are no upfront costs.
  • Parallel processing – Amazon Kinesis Data Streams enables you to run several Kinesis Applications on the same stream at the same time. For example, you may have one application performing real-time analytics while another sends data to Amazon S3 using the same Amazon Kinesis stream.

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Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Real-time streaming data can be delivered to services like Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ES, Splunk, and any custom HTTP endpoint owned by supported third-party service users like Datadog, MongoDB, and New Relic using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, a fully managed service. Along with Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, Kinesis Data Streams, and Kinesis Video Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose is a part of the Kinesis streaming data platform. You cannot manage resources or create applications with Kinesis Data Firehose. When you set up your data producers to submit data to Kinesis Data Firehose, the data is automatically sent to the location you mentioned.

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Its benefits include:

  • Integrated with AWS services: Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose is linked with Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service.
  • Serverless data transformation: Raw streaming data from the data source can be converted into formats like Apache Parquet and Apache ORC that are required by your destination data source without requiring you to develop your own data processing pipelines.

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

A brand-new machine learning function called Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics was just released to find “hotspots” in the streaming data. It essentially functions as a real-time processing engine that enables you to create and run SQL queries to extract useful information from the data.

It provides Kinesis Data Streams with the output or results. There is a feature called “HOTSPOTS” that improves the capabilities of current machine learning. Clients can also drag and drop unsupervised streaming-based machine learning algorithms.

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Benefits include:

  • Powerful real-time processing: For sophisticated analytics, it has built-in tools to filter, aggregate, and convert streaming data. You may examine and react to incoming data and events in real-time while it analyses streaming data with sub-second latency.
  • No servers to manage: Without requiring you to set up or maintain any infrastructure, it operates your streaming applications. The infrastructure for processing incoming data is scaled up and down automatically by Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics.

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Benefits of Amazon Kinesis

  • Real-time processing –  It enables real-time data collection and analysis for things like stock transaction prices, which would usually require waiting for data-out reports.
  • Build kinesis application –  It provides client libraries that allow developers to construct and run real-time data processing applications. When you include the Amazon Kinesis Client Library in your Java application, it will inform you when fresh data is ready for processing.
  • Easy to use –  Using Amazon Kinesis, we can rapidly build a new stream, specify its parameters, and begin streaming data.
  • Integrate with Amazon services – It can be easily integrated with Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift.
  • Cost-efficient – Amazon Kinesis is cost-effective for workloads of any size. Pay hourly for the necessary throughput and pay as you go for the resources used.

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How to use Amazon Kinesis?

When we need continuous processing of quickly moving data, it is used. Amazon Kinesis can be useful for the following scenarios:

  • Data log and data feed intake – We don’t have to wait for the data to be batch-processed; we can send it to an Amazon Kinesis stream as soon as it’s generated. It also protects against data loss if the data generator fails. System and application logs, for example, can be continuously fed to a stream and made available in seconds if needed.
  • Real-time graphs – For creating report results, graphs can be extracted using the Amazon Kinesis stream without the need for waiting for data batches.
  • Real-time data analytics – with help of Amazon kinesis you can run real-time streaming data analytics.

Amazon Kinesis Pricing

Amazon Kinesis is offered on a pay-per-use basis. This breaks downs as follows:

  • The kinesis processing unit (KPU)/hour
  • For each KPU there is 50GB of running application storage assigned, and Running Application Storage is charged per GB on a monthly basis.
  • For Studio notebooks, KPU is charged per hour
  • Running Application Storage for Studio notebooks, Per GB-Month

This varies by region. You may also use the Kinesis Data Analytics calculator to estimate the cost of the application you’re developing. Pricing can increase dramatically when you plug in other complementing services, as with most AWS services, therefore anticipate your setup before implementation to determine where savings might be realized.


Amazon Kinesis is a controlled, scalable, cloud-based system that enables the real-time processing of massive amounts of data per second. It is intended for real-time applications and enables developers to take in an unlimited amount of data from numerous sources while scaling up and down which can be run on EC2 instances.

In this blog, you learned about Amazon Kinesis, its essential features, and its various components, which include Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis Data Analytics, Kinesis Data Streams, and Kinesis Video Streams.

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