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what is aws rekognition
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Let us take a look at the topics that are going to be covered in this blog:

What is AWS Rekognition?

Amazon Rekognition is a machine learning product by AWS that helps in adding image and video analysis to applications. It uses deep learning to analyze images and videos.

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With AWS Rekognition, it becomes easier to identify objects, texts, activities, and scenes in images and videos. All we have to do is provide the AWS Rekognition API with an image or video, and it will identify people, texts, objects, etc. It also helps in detecting inappropriate content.

This service was developed by the vision scientists at Amazon to ease the process of analyzing hundreds and thousands of images and videos regularly. The API is easy to use and does not need much knowledge of machine learning to be able to operate it. It keeps learning new information that is offered by Amazon and keeps adding new labels accordingly.

How AWS Rekognition Works?

Amazon Rekognition works with two KPI sets – Amazon Rekognition Image and Amazon Rekognition Video. These KPIs help in image and video analysis respectively. 

These KPIs analyze images and videos to generate insights that you can use in your apps. When your customer uploads a photo, Amazon Rekognition can detect objects or faces in that image. Your app can store this information and help develop a photo collection for your customers. They could use this to query any image search they want. 

Amazon Rekognition Video can help you track things in a video. You could track objects or people or even their facial expressions. 

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AWS Rekognition Features

Let us now discuss the key features of amazonRekognition:


Amazon Rekognition is able to identify and analyze thousands of different things such as buildings, phones, cars, lights, etc. It also lets us identify different activities and scenes such as playing basketball, having a pool party, going shopping, etc.

analyzing labels using aws rekognition

Custom Labels

We can also feed information to Rekognition to create custom labels. With this feature, the API will be able to identify our logos in images or recognize animals in a video.

Content Moderation

Amazon Rekognition can also help you identify inappropriate, unwanted, or offensive content. It can be used in social media, broadcast, and e-commerce to make the user experience safer. The API is very accurate and can help us in keeping away unwanted things.

content moderation using amazon aws rekognition

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Text Detection

Amazon Rekognition can easily detect text in videos and images. This text is then converted to text that is readable by machines.

Face Analysis and Detection

Amazon Rekognition allows us to detect faces quickly whenever they appear in a video or image. It can also detect things such as gender, glasses, facial hair, age range, etc., of each of those faces. It can also help us in tracing the changes in these features over time in a video.

amazon rekognition facial analysis

Face Verification and Search

AWS Rekognition is capable of running a very accurate face search. We can find photos of a particular person within our gallery of images. This can also be used for facial verification and authentication.

amazon rekognition facial verification

Celebrity Recognition

Amazon Rekognition can help us identify celebrities or well-known people in the given images and videos. This can be used to build footage and photos for marketing, media industry, and advertising.

celebrity recognition using amazon rekognition

Workplace Safety

Amazon Rekognition allows us to recognize objects from our workplace cameras. This feature can help to detect if the people at the workplace are wearing the correct gear or not. It can detect whatever we want to identify such as gloves, helmets, PPE kits, masks, etc.

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Use Cases of AWS Rekognition

Let us take a look at some of the use cases.

FeatureUse Case(s)
Face Verification and SearchApplications can use AWS Rekognition to verify a user’s identity. This can be done easily by comparing the live image with the reference image.AWS Rekognition has an index of faces called a face collection. We can search videos and images for a particular face from this index.
Face Analysis and DetectionApplications can use AWS Rekognition to detect the sentiment in an image or video. It can detect if the subject is happy, sad, crying, etc. The gender recognition feature also helps in gathering demographic details.
LabelsAWS Rekognition can be used to search for various objects and scenes in the images and videos stored on a device or cloud.
Workplace SafetyAWS Rekognition can be used to detect if the workers at a workplace are wearing proper safety gear, such as PPE kits, or not. This can be useful in a lot of industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, construction, etc., where workers are required to wear protective gear.
Text DetectionAWS Rekognition can recognize a lot of fonts. It can be used to detect text in an image, which can help in detecting license plate numbers from images taken by street cameras.
Content ModerationAWS Rekognition eases the detection of unwanted content. If there is some violent or adult content in a video or image, it can easily be detected by the API. It can flag the unsafe content and send a hierarchical label list with a set score to indicate the particular category the content belongs to.
Custom LabelsAWS Rekognition can be used to detect particular products in images and videos.

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Benefits of AWS Rekognition

  • Integrate powerful image and video analysis into your apps
    You don’t need machine vision or machine learning skills to be able to use Amazon Rekognition’s image and video Analysis. You can just use the API to integrate it into any web, computer, or smartphone framework.
  • Image and video analysis based on Deep-learning
    Amazon Rekognition uses Deep-learning to accurately interpret images, compare and find faces in an image, and recognize scenes and objects in images and videos. 
  • Scalable image analysis
    Amazon Rekognition can analyze a large number of images and in turn, create a huge database of visual data.
  • Integration with other AWS Services
    Amazon Rekognition can be integrated with other AWS Services like AWS Lambda and Amazon S3
  • Low Cost
    You only have to pay for the images and videos you analyze and the metadata you choose to store.

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AWS Rekognition Availability and Pricing

AWS Rekognition is available in the US, West and East, European Union, and all AWS GovCloud areas.

Amazon usually charges for Rekognition according to how many images are processed in a month and if any additional storage was used. AWS Free Tier also offers AWS Rekognition. Users can analyze up to 5,000 images in a month for the first year. They can also store up to 1,200 faces in the face collection for free.


AWS Rekognition is a really useful service offered by Amazon. It is a powerful deep-learning-based video and image analyzer. It can be easily integrated with other services offered by AWS such as AWS S3 or AWS Lambda, and users only have to pay for the images and videos they analyze and all the metadata that they choose to store.

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