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Business Analyst Salary Trends
Updated on 28th Mar, 23 1014 Views

Traditional methods do not suffice to cater to today’s dynamic business needs, which is why the demand for business analysts has seen a steep rise over the years. This demand surpasses the supply, and hence, the salaries of business analysts have increased immensely in the last few years.

This blog will discuss the following topics:

Before learning about the salary of a business analyst in India, let us start by understanding who these professionals are and what they do.

Who is a Business Analyst?

Business analysts are professionals from the Business Intelligence (BI) domain acting as a bridge between the IT and business departments of a company, contributing to its sustainability and profitability. They use their knowledge and ability to help the company make improvements in products, services, and quality.

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Business Analyst Salary in India—Based on Locations

In this section, we will learn about the average salaries earned by business analysts in India based on their position in an organization and their location. We will also learn about the salaries offered by some of the major companies to business analysts in India, according to the job listings and salaries posted on Glassdoor.

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Average Salary of a Business Analyst in India

The salary of business analysts in India ranges from ₹300,000 p.a. to ₹1,290,000 p.a. The average salary of a business analyst in India is ₹625,000 p.a.

Having said this, first, let us learn about the earnings of these professionals based on their experience and position.

Senior Business Analyst Salary in India

Expert business analysts with 15+ years of industry experience can earn up to ₹1,290,000 annually, which can slightly vary depending on their position and company.

Further, we will go through the salary package of these professionals across some cities in India.

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Business Analyst Salary in Bangalore

Bengaluru, also called Bangalore, as we all know, is the IT hub of India. This capital city of Karnataka has one of the highest numbers of job listings for various IT professions, including those for business analysts. For this reason, business analysts are also of the highest-paid IT professionals in the city. Business analysts earn an average annual income of ₹660,000 in Bangalore.

Business Analyst Salary in Delhi

In New Delhi, business analysts earn an average annual income of ₹600,000, which may increase up to ₹1,251,000 p.a. for experienced professionals.

Business Analyst Salary in Chennai

The average salary of business analytics professionals in Chennai is much higher when compared the salary received by these professionals in other cities as Chennai has numerous opportunities for professionals with a technical background. On average, business analysts in Chennai earn about ₹775,000 p.a. This amount may rise to ₹1,371,000 p.a. based on the professionals’ experience and skills.

Business Analyst Salary in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, business analysts earn a salary of around ₹680,000 p.a. This amount may go up to ₹1,345,000 p.a. based on various factors such as skills, experience, and knowledge.

Business Analyst Salary—Based on Experience

Like any other role, the salary in the business analyst role increases over time with experience. So, an entry-level business analyst can earn somewhere between ₹350,000 p.a. to ₹400,000. A business analyst with 5–10 years of experience can earn up to ₹900,000 p.a. Once a professional has an experience of more than 10 years, then the salary may increase to over ₹1,500,000 p.a.

After gaining insights into the salaries earned by business analysts on the basis of experience, now we will go through the salaries paid to business analysts by certain top companies in the world.

Business Analyst Salary—Based on Organizations

Now, we will go through the salaries of business analysts drawn in Accenture, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and other major companies, offering the highest business analyst salary packages in India.

The average income of business analysts in Accenture is ₹605,000 p.a., while Capgemini offers about ₹703,000 p.a. In TCS, the average salary of these business analysts is ₹684,000 p.a.

However, companies such as HCL and Wipro offer comparatively a lower amount than the above-mentioned companies. Business analysts in Wipro and HCL earn about ₹592,000 p.a. and ₹533,000 p.a. respectively.

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What Does a Business Analyst Do?

The primary role of a business analyst is to interact with business leaders to gain insights into how data-driven decisions improve business efficiency. Business analysts use data analytics tools and processes to understand various business requirements, assess organizational processes, and present ideas, recommendations, and reports to inform the condition of the business. In the end, they execute those business ideas that are feasible for the company, both financially and technologically.

Now let us go through the various roles and responsibilities of these professionals.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

The following are some of the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst:

  • Evaluate the business processes to identify the requirements
  • Assess areas that need improvement and implement solutions
  • Analyze the business processes to come up with optimization strategies
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in technology
  • Automate the existing systems of the company
  • Document and present the ideas on how these systems can be improved
  • Communicate insights and plans to the other departments of the company
  • Work with the IT department of the company and with the clients
  • Gather data from several stakeholders to build insightful reports
  • Maintain cost-efficiency and resource allocation
  • Update business processes and implement them

Let us now go through the career path to become a Business Analyst in 2023.

How to Become a Business Analyst?

To learn business analytics and become a business analyst, one needs to follow the step-by-step process mentioned below:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in the business domain or an MBA degree
  • Gain work experience in the analytical field
  • Acquire reporting and documenting skills
  • Gain experience in working with various business analytics tools
  • Attain work experience in various industry-specific projects
  • Acquire knowledge and experience in MS Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.

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This ‘Business Analyst Salary in India for Freshers and Experienced Professionals in 2021’ blog has helped you learn about the salary trends of Business Analysts in 2021 in India based on multiple factors. Here, you have also read about who these professionals are, what they do, and what skills are required to become a successful Business Analyst. Register for our course on Business Analytics today and give a boost to your career in this field.

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