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Fighting Covid-19 Using Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning

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In this blog, we will look at the current trend of technology that the world is using to fight coronavirus. Let us look at the agenda for this blog:

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Outbreak of Covid-19

The spread of the coronavirus initiated in South China in November 2019. The deadly coronavirus led China and, now, the rest of the world into a stage of massive destruction of human life. In China, there were 81,054 cases and 3,761 deaths. The world was not ready for fighting covid-19 as it was not discovered and researched before. The spread of the coronavirus has affected more than 100 countries with more than 174,000 deaths. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the pandemic to be a ‘public health emergency of international concern.’ Now, the nations have started fighting covid-19 using Artificial Intelligence and other technologies.

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The governments of various countries are struggling to fight coronavirus by putting in all their efforts and strength. In this critical condition of a global health emergency, technologies created by humans are proving themselves to be of great use. Nations worldwide are installing various types of equipment for fighting Covid-19 using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. This equipment incorporates Artificial Intelligence tools, Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning, thermal sensors, and other technologies.

Before checking out the roles played by these technologies in the war against Covid-19, let us look at the stats in detail. There is an exponential growth of the spread of the coronavirus across the world.

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Exponential Growth of Covid-19 Cases

According to WHO, the number of coronavirus-affected Covid-19 cases gets doubled every 7–8 days. Countries are taking measures such as lockdowns, isolation of Covid-19 suspects, etc. to decrease the rate of the spread of the virus.

Covid-19 growth rate

As Italy has set an example of the collapse of the healthcare sector due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the rest of the world is taking all preventive measures to skip the disastrous situation.

Now, let us have a look at the use of Artificial Intelligence and various other technologies in tackling the pandemic.


Role of Artificial Intelligence in Global Health Emergency

Due to the wide-scale spread of the coronavirus, it has become necessary to monitor traffic at public places such as airports, railways stations, and other transportation hubs. It needs various monitoring tools equipped with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and thermal sensors. These tools can help scan 200 people/minute. Besides, they can recognize body temperature and can signal if it is greater than 37.3°. They can also be used to detect and quarantine the suspects who might be Covid-19 positive.

Fighting Covid-19 by Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is not only helping in the detection of the affected people but it is simultaneously leading us to find remedies for fighting the virus.

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The world is fighting Covid-19 with Artificial Intelligence in the following ways:

  1. Virus Research with Artificial Intelligence
  2. Drug Research Using AI
  3. Automating Healthcare Processes
  4. Predicting the Survival Chances Using AI

Let us look at each one of them in detail.

Virus Research using Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has contributed a lot to research and development in the healthcare sector. Now, in such an emergency, the necessity of Artificial Intelligence rises to a great extent. To find an antidote for the coronavirus, we need to first understand the behavior of the virus. For this, AI is helping us process millions of test cases on the virus in lesser time as compared to the time taken by manual processing. It can detect the disease and its extent of consequences. Currently, for fighting Covid-19 using Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning, scientists and health researchers are working day and night.

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Drug Research Using AI

We are not safe from this novel disease until we invent a vaccine that can cure it. To find a proper vaccine or an effective drug for Covid-19, health agencies and scientists around the world are putting their best efforts into research. It is in the testing of vaccines that AI comes into the picture.

Through millions of tests conducted with the help of AI-enabled tools, researchers can prove the effectiveness of a drug, and its consequences as well. If it is processed by humans, then it would take more than 10 years and would involve billions of dollars, which would be fatal in the current scenario. Artificial Intelligence helps in processing the large volume of drug data through numerous test cases in a short span of time.

Automating Healthcare Processes

As the cases of Covid-19 are increasing rapidly, it becomes necessary to perform the diagnosis of patients as soon as possible. For Covid-19 positive patients, the common symptom is pneumonia. It is usually detected by a CT scan of the chest of the suspected patients.

Since there are a limited number of medical resources, machines equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can aid doctors to detect the disease quickly and accurately and observe the patients with more care. For fighting Covid-19 using Artificial Intelligence effectively, countries are automating their medical processes by employing machines equipped with AI in all entry and exit points.

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Predicting Survival Chances Using AI

For handling such a critical situation, where millions of people are affected, China has created an AI tool that helps predict the survival rate of patients. This AI tool also helps in deciding the medication to be given to the patient. Besides, it helps doctors make better clinical decisions for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Also, scientists have built the Machine Learning systems to predict the disease of the patients. In this way, along with Artificial Intelligence, the world is fighting covid-19 with Machine Learning.

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Fighting Coronavirus using Big Data and Data Science

The main cause of the spread of the coronavirus is the lack of information about the early-stage symptoms. This has led to a situation where people are not aware that they are affected. They travel from one place to another with no clue that they are carrying the virus with them.

Now, the governments have started collecting the information of citizens such as their travel history and medical records. This has resulted in the collection of huge data of citizens. Countries have already started processing this data with the help of Big Data tools. The processing of the data of billions of citizens involves removing redundancy, scaling the data, and structuring it for further use. This is only possible with the help of various essential tools of Big Data.

After the collection and processing of such huge data, the government authorities analyze and visualize it. Here, by analyzing the data and visualizing the trends in it, Data Science helps the governments make estimates about the scope of further spread of the disease, the available medical infrastructure to admit affected patients, and the budget required for all of this. With the help of these estimations, Data Science is helping the governments make arrangements for medical facilities and capital to spend on their citizens. This is helping a lot in fighting covid-19 using Data Science and Artificial intelligence.

This is how the world is handling the global medical emergency and fighting coronavirus with Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. However, the efforts of the governments and the health organizations are still on the go as it is hard to fight the coronavirus. Therefore, if you are an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Data Science, this is the right time to enter the field and help authorities in fighting Covid-19!

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