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Major Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities and Skills in the Coming Decade

Major Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities and Skills in the Coming Decade

Entry-level Hadoop Developers’ job responsibilities and skills are to code and program for Big Data Hadoop applications. The job role is much similar to that of a Software Developer, except the fact that the domain of a Hadoop Developer is Big Data. It is not merely a framework, but a widespread ecosystem with a bunch of technologies. Therefore, the opportunities are in abundance, and seeking a career in it will make you a sought-after candidate in today’s data-driven market. Now, to do this, you can enroll in our Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification Training.

Further in this blog, you will get an overview of the major Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills. But before that, let us try getting a basic understanding of Hadoop.

What is Hadoop? Let’s Understand How It Works!

Hadoop is a simple framework with a distributed environment wherein you can store Big Data and process it simultaneously. to the creation of many Hadoop Developer job opportunities. You will learn about various Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills later in this blog, but let us first understand how Hadoop works.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Components of Hadoop: HDFS and YARN Drive This Big Data Tool!

Hadoop has two major components, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and YARN, which stands for Yet Another Resource Negotiator. HDFS allows you to store multiple formats of data across a cluster, while YARN allows you to process the data stored across HDFS in parallel.

Do you know how YARN got its name? Its full name actually became self-deprecating humor on its developers’ part. This is why it is generally referred to by its acronym.

HDFS seems like a single unit that stores Big Data while, in reality, it uses multiple distributed nodes to store the data. HDFS follows the master-slave algorithm wherein the master is NameNode and DataNodes act as the slaves.

The NameNode contains the metadata of the information stored in DataNodes, while the actual data is in DataNodes.

YARN, on the other hand, processes all activities by allocating the resources before scheduling tasks. It consists of two components, namely, ResourceManager and NodeManager. Even YARN follows the same master-slave algorithm as HDFS. Here, the ResourceManager is the master node. After getting the processing requests, it passes bits of these requests to NodeManagers, who would later process the same. The NodeManagers are responsible for carrying out the tasks on the DataNodes of HDFS.

Check out Intellipaat’s video to get a clearer understanding of Hadoop:

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Do you know where you can or cannot use Hadoop? Find It out Here!

You have understood the concept of Hadoop and how it processes, but you might be confused as to the places where you can make use of Hadoop.

Hadoop Applications

Hadoop is used for:

  • Developing the search feature in Yahoo, Amazon, and Zvents
  • Log processing on Facebook and Yahoo
  • Data warehousing purposes in Facebook and AOL
  • Analysis of images and videos in the New York Times and Eyealike

There are dozens of other applications that implement Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills.

You have read a lot of information about how and where Hadoop works and the dos and don’ts. Now, let us check out the various job roles that you can apply for if you want to make a career in Hadoop.

7 Key Job Roles You Can Opt for to Make Your Career in Hadoop

One of the best things about Hadoop is that it does not limit you to a single career option but gives you a chance to go in multiple directions. Here are a few of the many Big Data Hadoop job titles that you can apply for in Hadoop:

Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Tester
  • Hadoop Lead Developer
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Hadoop Engineer

If you wish to make a career in Hadoop and apply for jobs in this field, read Hadoop Interview Questions to build up your confidence and crack your interviews!

11 Good-to-have Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities and Skills

Today, there are numerous Hadoop Developers job responsibilities and skills that are in demand. The major Hadoop Developer responsibilities include:

  • Documenting, designing, and developing Hadoop applications
  • Handling the processes of installing, configuring, and supporting Hadoop
  • Coding in MapReduce for clusters and helping build Hadoop clusters
  • Turning complex techniques and functional requirements into comprehensive designs
  • Designing web applications for tracking and handling data at high speed
  • Proposing practices and standards for operations
  • Performing tests on software prototypes and sending them to the operational team
  • Pre-processing data with the help of Hadoop platforms such as Pig and Hive
  • Maintaining the privacy and security of data
  • Managing and deploying HBase
  • Deriving insights after performing data analysis

11 Must-have Hadoop Developer Skills

Although there are a number of Hadoop Developer skills that are in demand today, here are a few that you cannot ignore:

Hadoop Developer Skills
  • Knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and its components
  • Ability to write manageable, reliable, and high-performance codes
  • Expert knowledge of Hadoop, Pig, HBase, and Hive
  • Work experience in HQL (Hibernate Query Language)
  • Experience in writing MapReduce jobs and Pig Latin scripts
  • Hands-on experience in backend programming using Java, OOAD, JavaScript, and Node.js
  • Good knowledge of multi-threading and concurrency
  • Having analytical and problem-solving skills and implementing them in Big Data with your acquired Big Data Developer skills
  • Good understanding of data loading tools like Flume
  • In-depth knowledge of database principles, structures, practices, and theories
  • Knowledge of schedulers

Learn more about Flume through our Apache Flume Tutorial.

Now that you have learned about the major Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills, you will further get an insight into the various job opportunities that are open for a Hadoop Developer.

Become a Big Data Architect

Opportunities Available for a Hadoop Developer: The Demand and Salaries

You have understood various Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills but in order to choose any career option, you need to first know if there are good opportunities available in that field.

According to Glassdoor, Hadoop ranks high among the top 10 IT job opportunities in the market. Many large companies such as Amazon, Hortonworks, Yahoo, Facebook, Walmart, and eBay hire Hadoop professionals who have hands-on experience.

As per Indeed, there are over 6,000 job postings for Hadoop. More than 60 percent of these are Hadoop Developer jobs in the US. Also, half of the positions are still vacant and available for you to grab if you match the Hadoop Developer job descriptions they need. Furthermore, the average Hadoop Developer salary in the US is about US$110,000/year which is around 95 percent more than that of all the combined job postings across the nation.

The average Hadoop Developer salary in India is about ₹480,847 per year. As per Glassdoor, there are 4,034 Hadoop Developer job openings in India and around 129 among those are for Big Data Hadoop jobs that you can easily apply for.

In order to start your career or make a transition into a Hadoop Developer, you should create a Hadoop Developer resume that stands out by including the Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification course you attended and the projects you worked on in it.

To understand the fundamentals of Hadoop, you can read our immersive Hadoop Tutorial!

Over the course of this blog, you understood about the Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills and got insights into the number of opportunities it has in the IT sector. Now, if you want to make your career or feel the need to make a transition into it, then you should consider enrolling in Intellipaat’s Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification course. This certification course provides both instructor-led and self-paced training modes. By opting for the latter, you can learn at a speed you are comfortable in without having to worry about accessing the lectures as you can avail of the courseware and LMS for a lifetime. By the end of this course, you will be a certified Hadoop Developer.

If you have any more questions about becoming a Hadoop Developer and the various Hadoop Developer job responsibilities and skills, you can refer to our Hadoop Community!

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