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How do Agile and Devops interrelate?

How do Agile and Devops interrelate?

The two most widely used Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) approaches nowadays are Agile and DevOps. According to a poll by digital.ai, 95% of organizations adopt Agile, yet most startup companies and large corporations use DevOps to distribute new code. It’s a common misperception that Agile and DevOps cannot cooperate. To make sure that software solutions successfully meet market demands, both of these strategies are used simultaneously. This blog will discuss the connections between Agile and DevOps and the misconceptions around them.

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What is Agile?

Agile is a group of approaches that shows a commitment to quick feedback cycles and continuous improvement. Agile is a team-based iterative methodology used during project management stages. Agile places a strong focus on offering customers a quick and hassle-free working experience.

Agile is not defined by several rituals or a collection of development methodologies. Instead of concentrating on delivering answers all at once, an agile team breaks the task down into smaller parts. At every level, all requirements, strategies, and outcomes are analyzed properly.

Agile methodologies provide continuous feedback, allowing teams to respond to issues as they arise. Although the Agile approach was initially created for software development, it is now widely applied in organizational management and project execution.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is the collaboration between Development (Devs) and Operations (Ops) to achieve more effective and efficient software development. It promotes cooperation between the development and operational teams. This leads to customer satisfaction and increases product competitiveness.

DevOps helps companies build software faster and more efficiently. As a relatively new concept, DevOps is still evolving. Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, and Nagios are among the most popular DevOps tools.

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How do Agile and DevOps Interrelate?

Interrelation between Agile and DevOps

Despite their differences, DevOps and Agile collaborate to enhance business culture as well as the product development process. We have mentioned a few points for you to understand how DevOps and Agile are interrelated.

  • Both Agile and DevOps share a common set of values such as collaboration, feedback, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.
  • Agile methodology is based on an iterative approach with short development cycles and continuous delivery. Similarly, DevOps promotes continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.
  • Agile teams work closely with customers and stakeholders to gather feedback and incorporate it into the development process. DevOps teams also prioritize feedback, using tools and techniques such as monitoring and logging to detect issues early and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Agile methodology emphasizes cross-functional teams with members from different departments working together. DevOps also promotes collaboration between development and operations teams to ensure the smooth functioning of the software delivery process.
  • Both Agile and DevOps rely heavily on automation to speed up the development process and ensure consistency and quality.
  • Both Agile and DevOps aim to improve the software development process continuously by gathering feedback, monitoring performance, and making necessary adjustments.

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Common Misconceptions about Agile and DevOps

Common Misconceptions about Agile and DevOps

Agile and DevOps are two widely adopted software development methodologies that have transformed the way software products are built and delivered. However, despite their growing popularity, there are still many misconceptions and misunderstandings about these methodologies.

In the below points, we will explore the common misconceptions about Agile and DevOps.

Misconception 1: DevOps and Agile are technologies to be purchased

The idea that you can purchase a fully prepared system that will carry out agile or DevOps for you might be attractive, but this isn’t the reality.

Agile software development processes require restructuring. Everyone involved in the development phase must go through the agile development cycle at each iteration of the project.

Consistent implementation requires training, planning, and frequent and open communication. You can buy technical solutions and tools, but if your corporate culture doesn’t favor agile principles, it won’t help.

Like Agile, DevOps is a comprehensive methodology that requires a paradigm shift in IT technology, development, and operations. If you try to implement DevOps technologies and processes before your employees are ready, employees might be reluctant to understand why their work processes need to change.

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Misconception 2: Agile and DevOps are synonyms

Agile and DevOps are not similar, even though both approaches help in simplifying the software development process.

Software development projects are divided into a variety of manageable, repeatable small-scale operations using the agile method, which is used by development teams. All stages of development, testing, and deployment are done in a short process, enabling you to quickly identify and fix problems as well as easily take other options in response to changing requirements.

The DevOps concept, on the other hand, promotes collaboration between the development and operations teams. DevOps offers a variety of tools and techniques to help businesses move closer to easy integration of development and operations, including automation, programmable infrastructure deployment, and iterative software development.

Misconception 3: DevOps requires Agile

Faster software delivery is one of the core principles of DevOps, which is also related to agile. Numerous teams use the agile software development technique to accomplish DevOps goals like continuous deployment.

Agile isn’t necessary for DevOps, though; there are various methods you can apply based on the needs of your organization.

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Agile and DevOps are associated with one other because they both improve teamwork among individual software developers. They provide a way for accelerating the development lifecycle without the difficulties that result from engineers working on various aspects. When combined, the two approaches help create a solid project pipeline that results in a high-quality final product.

In case you have any doubts or inquiries about Agile and DevOps, you can seek clarification from specialists in our DevOps Community!

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