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How to Become an EV Engineer in 2024?

How to Become an EV Engineer in 2024?

The roadmap is divided into the following categories to give you a holistic view of the EV industry and related roles for an EV engineer:

Check out How to Become an EV Engineer in this detailed video:

Who is an EV Engineer?

In a nutshell, an EV engineer takes care of the various aspects of EV design and production, including the mechanical aspects as well. For EV engineers coming from different backgrounds, the roles can be different. For example – A chemical engineer in the EV sector can find themselves working on Batteries and Battery management systems, while on the other hand, a mechanical engineer may find themselves working on the thermodynamics and, mechanical components of the EV.

Let’s take a look at the various roles and responsibilities one has to take on up when they enter the EV industry.

Roles and Responsibilities of an EV Engineer

An EV engineer’s roles and responsibilities are subject to the requirements of the organization. Some of the most common responsibilities include:

  • EV Design and Development: One of the most important and rather interesting responsibilities EV engineers take care of is the design of the EV and its various components. The development of the EV is the end-to-end schematic design of the EV components that will be manufactured at a later stage. In this process, electrical and electronics engineers play a huge role, their expertise helps the entire development of the Electric Vehicle.
  • Simulation and Testing: While creating various designs for EVs, the simulation of how they would perform in the actual setting, and testing the efficacy of each component and the entire structure is another important aspect that EV engineers often take care of as part of their role and responsibility.
  • EV Manufacturing: After the design simulation and testing, comes the phase where a tangible product has to be put together. This is where professionals with expertise in mechanics or mechanical engineering tend to be fruitful. ]
  • Thermal Design and Development: The battery management, manufacturing, and efficiency are taken into consideration for an EV and is an extremely important aspect of modern day Electric Vehicles. Professionals with chemical engineering expertise are a big asset for this role and take care of end-to-end development and design for an EV.
  • EV System Design: The system design for the EV is taken care of by the domain experts in software development and engineering.

Now let’s see How to Become an EV Engineer.

How to Become an EV Engineer?

To become an engineer is a complex task owing to its versatility in roles and responsibilities. Different professionals can gather up different roles based on their backgrounds and domain expertise. Look at the following approach to start your journey as an EV engineer. Depending

  1. Engineering and Automotive Concepts – As a starter, you must familiarize yourself with engineering and automotive concepts that are necessary in the electric vehicle industry. These concepts will include – Battery technology, charging infrastructure, power electronics, electric motors, thermal management, vehicle architecture, braking systems, software, and system design.
  2. Model Based Design – After the basics, you should be able to design Model Based Designs to verify and analyze various aspects of EV, which include the powertrain, control system, fault detection and analysis, simulation, testing, stateflows, etc.
  3. Software and Hardware Testing – Based on the requirements, you should also go through software and hardware based testing that includes HIL, SIL, MIL, PIL, etc.

Now, let’s dive deep and try to understand the various skills that you must gain expertise in to become a successful EV engineer.

Electric Vehicle Design EPGC IITR iHUB

Skills Required to Become an EV Engineer

The skills can be summarized in the following categories for a successful campaign to become an EV engineer:

  1. EV Fundamentals – The fundamentals will include the various intricacies of EVs, such as the components, battery management system, vehicle architecture, power electronics, etc.
  2. Stateflows – The knowledge of creating stateflows for various aspects of EV design is important. For example, stateflow for a battery, where the states will change according to the schematic requirements. In-depth knowledge of stateflows will help in simulation.
  3. MATLAB and Simulink – The knowledge of tools like MATLAB and Simulink will help you in simulation, testing, and fault detection for the EV designs, various components, and control systems.

With these skills, your domain expertise can be a great addition to your portfolio. Any experience in electronics, electrical, chemical, mechanical, or software engineering skills will help you achieve fruitful career growth in the EV industry.

Step-by-Step Roadmap to Become an EV Engineer in 2024

Roadmap to Become an EV Engineer

A structured and efficient learning path is the road to success in any career. To help you with a step-by-step roadmap, we have created a few milestones that will help you become an EV engineer in 2024.

Step 1 – EV Fundamentals
In this milestone, you will learn about all the fundamentals of EV, which includes vehicle architecture, control systems, EV components, power electronics, battery management systems, etc.

In this milestone, you will learn various tools like MATLAB and Simulink to practice stateflows, simulation and fault detection for various processes.

Step 3 – System Design
In this milestone, you will master EV system design. This is not just limited to candidates with software development and engineering backgrounds.

Step 4 – Software and Hardware Testing

Once you are done with the previous milestone, another feather in the hat would be HIL, PIL, SIL ,and MIL for software and hardware based testing.

These milestones are very important and open a lot of opportunities for aspiring EV engineers. Let’s take a look at some of the salary trends for various job roles in the EV industry.

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Here are some statistics on some of the roles that we can find in the EV industry. The compensation may vary for different organizations, but this can be taken as a benchmark to start with:

Job RoleSalary range in IndiaSalary range in the USA
Matlab Expert4 – 8 LPA105K – 166K USD
Simulation Engineer4 – 9 LPA97K – 157K USD
System Engineer5 – 8 LPA42K – 136K USD
Model Based Developer3 – 12.5 LPA108K – 173K USD
Powertrain System Engineer3 – 15.5 LPA68K – 180K USD
Battery Management System Engineer2 – 9 LPA85K – 100K USD
Control System Design Engineer4 – 10 LPA100K – 160K USD

The significant rise in the manufacturing and sales of the Electric vehicles has also given rise to a surge in the demand for skilled EV professionals to scale up the process of manufacturing state-of-the-art Electric Vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of the job trends that we will see in the year 2024.

  1. With close to 17000+ EV-related jobs in the United States, the market is flooding with jobs in the EV industry.
  2. According to ETAuto, more than 10 million jobs in the EV industry are going to arise by 2030, and more than 50 million indirect jobs in the EV industry will surface in the same period.

Following are some of the job opportunities you can aim for in the year 2024 as an EV Engineer.

EV Engineer Job Opportunities 2024

Job RoleDescription
Matlab ExpertCreate complex model-based system designs for EV architecture using MATLAB.
Simulation EngineerSimulate various processes and stateflows in the EV segment to check, formulate, and detect flaws.
System EngineerPlays an important role in integrating and designing EV powertrain.
Model Based DeveloperDesigning complex systems in EVs such as charging stations, Battery, Control system, etc.
Powertrain System EngineerDesign and create a Powertrain system and architecture.
Battery Management System EngineerDesign and create efficient batteries and battery management systems.
Control System Design EngineerDesigning EV components for the control system.

EV Engineer Career Path for 2024

A promising career in the EV industry is a very demanding feat, but with a proper structure and detailed roadmap, you can achieve this feat with flying colors. You can plan your progress in the following manner to in a prepare in a more efficient way:

  1. Cover the Basics – Electronics, Mechanical and Automobile fundamentals.
  2. Design – Learn to create various Designs for EV components.
  3. Simulation – Learn to simulate the processes and workflows in the EV architecture.
  4. Stateflow – Learn to create stateflows for various requirements.
  5. Domain Expertise – Grab opportunities where your domain expertise or interest best aligns with the job opportunities.

This career path will help you navigate through your journey into becoming a successful EV engineer.


We hope this blog helps you navigate through various possibilities in the EV industry and will guide you to become a successful EV Engineer. For an enriching learning experience and career growth, you can enroll in Intellipaat EV Certification Program and kickstart your career in EV industry.

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