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Intellipaat Cloud Reviews - What Our Students Say

Intellipaat Cloud Reviews - What Our Students Say

We at Intellipaat, don’t just consider our customer stories to be merely marketing testimonials, but they serve a much larger purpose of delivering us invaluable insights that we turn into an opportunity to better or retain the best aspects of our services. Our student reviews also contribute significantly to establishing the confidence of new learners over our unique models and curriculums as they want to be absolutely sure about the results before enrolling in any course. 

So, at Intellipaat, we decided to find out what our students think about us and our programs. In the following list, we have featured 12 students of Intellipaat and their stories after enrolling with us.

Intellipaat course review by Students

Got 2 job offers with a 400% salary hike – Nikhil Y N

With Intellipaat, I was able to kickstart my career after 4 years and also managed to secure a job with a 400% salary hike. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to take a career gap of 4 years after my graduation and barely one year of experience in IT. I came to the realization that for me to kickstart my career again I have to start from scratch and I chose Google Cloud Platform to expertise and upskill with. It is a developing product and is yet to reach its maturity and my aim was to develop with the product.

The Primary factors that were helpful for me at Intellipaat were the Video Content, the insightful lectures, and the flexibility of the course. I felt a sense of security with Intellipaat that I will definitely find a job. I was a Junior Cloud Engineer for GCP, thanks to Intellipaat, I have been promoted to a Senior DevOps Engineer role.

Became Cloud Developer at a Fortune 500 Company with Six-figure Salary – Debrath Banerjee

I have experience of over 7 to 8 years of in the Web Development field. I did my master’s in the USA and work as a Web Development officer in the states. I chose the Azure 204 Developer course from Intellipaat as needed certification of the same and with that a good prospect in the industry as Azure skillsets are a huge plus for someone with my profile.

I came across Intellipaat through Facebook and was instantly awed by the great reviews. Secondly, I found the instructors to be greatly knowledgeable. One of the most interesting and awesome things that caught my eye was the cost of the course and the support and LMS portal which for a professional like me, was unparalleled to any I have seen before. During my course tenure, I found Intellipaat’s support to be very prompt and responsive. After finishing Intellipaat’s course I was equipped with the high-demand Azure skillset and was required by one of the top Fortune 500 companies as an Azure Developer. I get to implement the skills and knowledge that I acquired at Intellipaat at my current organization and I can’t be more thankful to Intellipaat and its team’s support.

Transitioned from System Engineer to DevOps Engineer at IBM – Nitin Goyal

I was able to transition my career from a non-tech professional to a DevOps engineer in IBM India with a decent salary hike, thanks to Intellipaat. I enrolled in the cloud and DevOps Architect Master’s course.

I liked Intellipaat’s course a lot as I found the trainers to be exceptionally knowledgeable as they explained the concepts really well and kept the sessions highly interactive. Intellipaat also provided recorded sessions and a great LMS portal for any future reference.  In addition, Intellipaat provides great career assistance service that allowed me to interview with multiple top MNCs.

Got a Job post-Covid, and became Financially Independent – Somika Simlote

I am an MCA graduate from HCET Jabalpur and had experience with working on SAP BO Reporting tool and 13 years in IT industry. I took the Microsoft Azure data engineer course which helped me get a job at as a senior lead Engineer at Persistent Systems.

I lost my job during the pandemic which made me realize how volatile my job profile was in the market. I wanted to garner a skill that is irreplaceable and has a great scope going further. I chose to become an Azure developer and started my journey with Intellipaat. After completing the course I secured a good job with a decent salary hike. Thanks to Intellipaat, today I have an Earning and I am financially independent and capable of supporting my family.

Explore Intellipaat’s top cloud and DevOps courses such as the  Cloud Architect Certification Master’s Course  to take your career to the next level.

Transitioned from Non-Tech to Cloud Architect – Anil Sharma 

I am a BCA graduate and was working in the customer support sector. At the time, I realized that garnering knowledge in DevOps and enrolled into Master DevOps course. Intellipaat had a huge role to play in my career transition.

BCA students in my experience don’t normally end up in cloud jobs. Intellipaat paved a way for me to work in the cloud. Coming to my journey at Intellipaat, my experience with the support team was phenomenal.  The support combined with placement assistance including resume building, mock interviews. My first interview with locus was set-up by Intellipaat’s career services which provided me with regular updates about the interview schedules and timings. My suggestion to any fresher who is venturing into the career of AI/ML, cloud computing, or DevOps, must enroll themselves into the Intellipaat for optimum career support and a great learning experience.

Career Transition to DevOps Engineer – Surdrazvan

I transitioned from a traditional IT role of an IT engineer to a DevOps Engineer with the help of Intellipaat. I come from a IT industrial background where I have worked for more than 15 years in the industry. After Intellipaat, I made a dramatic transition to a DevOps professional and a subject matter expert.

I found Intellipaat’s training to be really unique as it offers a lot of hand-on experience into real industry standard projects. The course material is highly structured and easy to understand. After completing the course, I was equipped with all the market required competencies of a DevOps Engineer and this won’t have been possible without Intellipaat.

Transitioned from SEO Specialist to DevOps Professional – NSAI Joseph Sunjo

I have had experience as a Website Developer. I came to know about Intellipaat through a Friend who also got a Job as Developer. My goal was to learn all the concepts and skills in DevOps as I was pursuing a career in the field. I enrolled in the Cloud Architect Certification Master’s Program at Intellipaat.

Being from a digital marketing background, I was unsure of my skills to become a Cloud and DevOps professional. However,  Intellipaat made this possible through a rich training and placement assistance. The trainers were really knowledgeable and provided rigorous training and mentorship. The course material was highly comprehensive. I would recommend Intellipaat to all my peers who want to upskill in career.

Became a DevOps Engineer at IBM with 370% Salary Hike – Malaya Ranjan Behera

Intellipaat’s DevOps course helped me bag a role as a DevOps Engineer with one of the most reputed company like IBM for a Salary Hike of 370%. Initially I was working as a Support Admin at Infosys, and was really directionless about my future. That’s when I came across the DevOps course video of Inteliipaat which was an absolute game changer for me. I found DevOps tools Interesting and wanted to pursue a career in It, which propelled me to enroll into Intellipaat’s DevOps and cloud GCP Course.

After completing my training and video content, I started applying for DevOps role interviews and grabbe around 6 job offers from all the top MNCs which also led me to achieve my dream package with 370% salary hike. 

From System Admin to AWS DevOps Engineer with 200% Salary Hike – Aliyu Yeh

I had a background in electrical engineering. When I moved to United states, I decided to transition into IT with specialization in AWS and DevOps. Intellipaat was recommended to me by a friend who told me it was one of the best courses for Cloud and DevOps expertise, So I decided to register with Intellipaat’s Cloud Master Course.

Just from the moment I saw the website, I could tell the professionalism and the credibility of the course. I also discovered Intellipaat’s Youtube channel which i found to be equally engaging.

Before I was new to IT, but after enrolling with Intellipaat, I specialize in so many services including setting up a 3 tier infrastructure in AWS, I can set up a CI/CD pipeline using tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes and Nagios, thanks to Intellipaat.  

Explore Intellipaat’s top cloud and DevOps courses such as the  Cloud Architect Certification Master’s Course  to take your career to the next level.

Transitioned from Banking to Cloud Computing – Bolaji Shafe

I got to learn AWS which helped me tremendously in my career transition despite being from a non-tech background. The skills that I have acquired from a rigorous training program at Intellipaat has enabled me to secure a new job offer as a Senior Cloud Analyst. I would like to attribute my success to the seasoned trainers and a comprehensive course material offered at Intellipaat. The support team also was highly responsive and prompt.  

Became a Cloud Computing Engineer at Cisco – Adarsh Patil

With the AWS Certification course I was able to make a successful career transition from being a network automation engineer to a cloud computing engineer and join a reputed company like Cisco. I shall credit my expertise in the technology to the all-round learning experience at Intellipaat.


These are some of the insightful reviews shared by the very alumni of Intellipaat who are excelling in their respective fields and are also helping us make a better platform for other aspiring learners to grow and succeed. These reviews mark a great feat for our success trajectory and at the same time, they let us know what we are doing right and how we could continue to make a difference as we grow alongside our learners.

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