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Intellipaat Data Science Reviews - What Our Students Say

Intellipaat Data Science Reviews - What Our Students Say

We at Intellipaat, don’t just consider our customer stories to be merely marketing testimonials, but they serve a much larger purpose of delivering us invaluable insights that we turn into an opportunity to better or retain the best aspects of our services. Our student reviews also contribute significantly to establishing the confidence of new learners over our unique models and curriculums as they want to be absolutely sure about the results before enrolling in any course. 

So, at Intellipaat, we decided to find out what our students think about us and our programs. In the following list, we have featured 10 students of Intellipaat and their stories after enrolling with us.

Intellipaat course review by Students

Transitioned from a Fresher to Data Engineer with 30 LPA Starting Package – Nishchay Agrawal

I took the Intellipaat big data Hadoop certification course in my third year of engineering. As a Fresher right after my graduation, Intellipaat’s course helped me bag a role as a data engineer at Morgan Stanley. After securing this role, I also got several other job offers from top MNCs bigwigs such as Deutsche Bank, Paytm, Meesho, Amazon, etc. with 30 LPA being the highest salary offer. I found Intellipaat’s Big Data course to be one of the best ones in the market where anyone can pursue a career in the field after completion.

The course consisted of great sessions and content, covering all the concepts of Big data right at the earlier stages. One of the main reasons for me to choose Intellipaat was that the course offered me industrial-level training and projects, equipping me with the hands-on experience required for excelling in the industry, all at an affordable price. The mentors I found here at Intellipaat were the best in the business and industry experts in the domain of big data. Their rigorous training and case studies helped me significantly during the interviews. Recently, I went back again and enrolled in Intellipaat’s DevOps Course as well, which further enhanced my career growth in Big Data.

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Got a Dream Job in A UK-Based leading Insurance Firm with 500% Salary Hike and Visa Sponsorship -Aditi Saraff

With Intellipaat, I was able to develop and enhance my skills in coding, automation, and big data handling to automate complex actuarial calculations. These skills helped me secure a job in UK based firm in one of the world’s leading insurance companies for a 500% salary hike with visa sponsorship. I am a BBA graduate and had pursued charted accountancy and Actuarial Science in India and UK. My career growth required me to develop and enhance my coding skills in Pyspark and that’s when I came across Intellipaat’s course.

What caught my attention about Intellipaat was that the course offered one-to-one interaction with the faculty as well as subsequent help for a lifetime. The mentorship was another factor that helped me tremendously as the trainers were extremely approachable and provided guidance in a very lucid manner right from the basic level all through to the development of advanced skillset. I would say, Intellipaat is a course you choose if you want to upskill in technical skills.   

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Transitioned from a Non-tech to Data Science research profile with a Dream Job in USA -Neha Mittal

The data science course at Intellipaat allowed me to secure my dream job during a widespread pandemic, at UNC Charlotte, the USA as a Post-Doctoral Data Science Research Scholar. Today, at my current job I get to apply my knowledge of data analytics tools in the advanced research aimed at curbing the spread of the covid-19 virus.

I would definitely say that the training and instructors from Intellipaat have been a blessing for me, not only in terms of helping me crack my job interview but also in developing my abilities in such a way that I am equipped with skills that are contributing to the battle against a deadly virus and enabling me to give back to the community. what more can I ask for?

From a Fresher to a Full-time Developer for US Navy- Ayush Shah

Before My training at Intellipaat, I was working as a developer but I was fairly new to the industry. I was trying to do a lot of self-learning, mostly trying to mitigate a lot of technical challenges on my own which was time-consuming. But enrolling at Intellipaat got me the opportunity to quickly fix my issues as I learned, thanks to the proactive support teams they have in place.

The RPA Developer course helped me transition from an initial developer to a full-time developer now where I understood a lot of real-life nuances of software development. Because of the training, today I work as a contract developer for the US Navy, a job that is difficult to attain for many. The course also put me on the map, as I have significant projects on my resume to show for it. All in all, Intellipaat stood right on my expectations.

Got a Data Engineer Role with IBM for 300% Salary hike – Binitha B

Intellipaat’s Big Data course was optimum for me to bag a Data Engineer Role at IBM with a Salary hike of over 300%. Initially, I did my engineering at Dayanand Sagar university in Bangalore, and I was invested in learning concepts of Big Data and Hadoop. Although I had gained considerable knowledge in Big data, I was never confident to appear for interviews in that domain. Someone I knew from the field then advised me to learn Spark as it was a new and upcoming technology at that time. That’s when I came across Intellipaat’s Spark course. The content and training that I found at Intellipaat were best suited for my career growth and I enrolled immediately in the weekend classes.

Soon after completing the course, I was able to crack an interview with IBM. I would say Intellipaat is your one-stop-shop for all the professional guidance and certification as It prepares you for the industry and all the in-demand skills of the market.

Kickstarted her Career at the age of 58 after Upskilling in Technical Knowledge – Sucheta Haridkar

Intellipaat is a very helpful and supportive institute to start your journey in any field of technology. I was working as a corporate trainer for Java. When health concerns took the best of me in 2018 and I had to discontinue my training. I found Intellipaat’s Big Data Architect Master course to be of great interest to me and enrolled in it in 2019 at the age of 58. After two years of struggling with my irregular health and barely managing course assignments, I retook the same course after my recovery in 2021.

Thanks to Intellipaat’s knowledgeable trainers, their support staff, and the lifetime LMS access they provided me,  I was able to gain proficiency in Big data subjects like Storm, MongoDB, Tableau, Cassandra, Spark, Hadoop, Python Data science, and PySpark. Today, I aspire to kickstart my career as a freelance trainer for Big Data technologies like Spark, and PySpark, thanks to the skill and confidence I acquired through Intellipaat.  

Secured a job as a Data Scientist at Wipro with over a 150% salary hike – Rajesh Venaganti

With Intellipaat’s training, I secured the position of a Data Scientist at Wipro for over a 150% salary hike. I have a degree in BSc and MBA, and I started my career in hospitality. I learned through my peers that the future of ML and data science jobs has a great scope in the upcoming future which propelled my interest to look into the prospects of data science courses and how I could avail the skills required to excel in the field. This introduced me to Intellipaat.

I had previously learned python and R in machine learning, However, I noticed that Intellipaat provided a much more diverse set of courses including SAS, MongoDB, and Tableau. These skills that I acquired at Intellipaat, helped me crack the interviews that I applied for the data science roles later. The instructors and mentors were industry experts who were really knowledgeable and provided me with real-time guidance on the problems that I faced during and after the training.

Transitioned from a customer service executive to a Data Scientist – Melvin Rodrigues

Intellipaat enabled me to transition from a customer service Agent to a full-time Data Scientist. I had done my graduation with BSc and had no experience in Tech. For the last four years, I have been working as a customer service executive, providing customer support and handling customer queries. I wanted to make a switch to Data Science, and thus I Began self-learning Python. Around this time, I also got an opportunity to work at a start-up as a Python developer but soon I started sensing the lack of skills in different areas of my knowledge on the subject. This was my gateway to joining Intellipaat which provided me with all the necessary skills and competencies I would require within this industry.

The mentors and trainers were highly qualified and the hands-on project experience provided by them helped me transition from a non-tech customer services executive to a Data Scientist today. The best part about Intellipaat’s course is that it is highly affordable and my experience with the customer support at Intellipaat was seamless throughout.

Job Change and a Salary Hike of 250% -Gella Yashwant Kumar

Found a Unique edge as a finance Professional after Upskilling along with a Job change and a salary hike of 250%

I worked for 4 Years as a Chartered Accountant before enrolling in Intellipaat’s Big Data Course. As a finance professional, I knew that there was huge competition in the market, and I needed to have an edge over my competitors in the industry. Every day new technologies are flooding the market and unless I am Proficient in at least one of the latest technologies, I will be pushed into the oblivion of innumerable unknown finance professionals. This was my driving factor to learn Big data analytics and be at par with the market standards. Initially, I came across a lot of course providers where I witnessed a significant gap in course structure and pricing. However, Intellipaat’s unique customer support and experience were something that caught my eye and I enrolled immediately.

What worked really well for me was the delivery of training and mentorship which was very pragmatic and unparalleled in the Industry, and lasts for a lifetime. It felt like a community of learners. Thanks to Intellipaat, today I am employed at a top-tier audit firm with a 250% of salary hike and I can’t be more thankful.

Got a Promotion along with a 60% salary hike – Gaurav Saboo

The technical skills that I have garnered at Intellipaat have helped me get a promotion with 60% salary hike. I come from a background in Operations and technology management with 13 years of experience under my belt. I wanted to acquire skills and learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning as it is one of the most sought-after technologies of the time. After getting positive feedback from one of my friends who had already done the course, I enrolled in Intellipaat’s Ai and ML and Python course, and needless to say, my experience has been amazing.

The curriculum was right at par with the current industry demands. The course trainers and mentors were fabulous as they equipped me with in-depth knowledge by also providing me with real-life case studies and project experience. Everything from basic to advance concepts was made easy to understand. Another aspect of this course that was crucial for me was that it was highly cost-effective. The training and knowledge that I acquired with this course helped me significantly with my current projects and in addition, also helped me bag promotion and the credit goes to Intellipaat.


These are some of the insightful reviews shared by the very alumni of Intellipaat who are excelling in their respective fields and are also helping us make a better platform for other aspiring learners to grow and succeed. These reviews mark a great feat for our success trajectory and at the same time, they let us know what we are doing right and how we could continue to make a difference as we grow alongside our learners.

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